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WYD 2019, COSTA RICA, Maria Fischer • On that sunny morning filled with people hurrying serenely to get everything ready for the arrival of 600 young people to the Family of Hope Shrine in Santa Ana, San José, the “pure life” of joy, anticipation, and commitment is felt. Some young volunteers have already been here for a few weeks and several couples are preparing the house to welcome the young people to come. At the same time, the place is filled with the usual participants of two Sunday Masses: OneRead More
PARAGUAY, Sonia Zarate and José A. Zaracho • Like every year, during the month of August, the Auxiliary MTA of the Encarnación Diocese visited Colonias Unidas. It is a colony composed of three cities: Hohenau, Obligado and Bella Vista, where descendants of German, Swiss, Belgians, Brazilian immigrants and those from other countries reside. She always brings us pleasant surprises on her visit here. “Espigas de Amor’s” dream A group of the Schoenstatt Family Branch, ESPIGAS DE AMOR [FRUITS OF LOVE], with seven couples, the majority with small children, had theRead More