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Fr. Elmar Busse • If you look at publications about Father Joseph Kentenich with qualitative content analysis methods from communication science or marketing keyword research, you will find the snow-white beard as a brand or logo and as keywords: “speedy canonization”, “always”, and since 2020: “abuse”. In the following series of articles, we would like to take a different look at Kentenich: neither the one with the bushy beard, nor the candidate for canonization, nor the one suspected of abuse of power or spiritual abuse. — After the very positiveRead More
GERMANY, Pedro M. Dillinger •  Our lives are accompanied by people who are models for us, who inspire, impress and influence us with their charisma, their irradiation. This is what the three monthly virtual meetings of the “Men’s Workshop” were about. —  The same thing happened on the second Sunday of Advent. Men from Germany, Australia, Spain and Brazil met at 8 p.m. by the end of the year to discuss and round off the theme “Charism of a fellow man who has influenced my life”. Which contents of theRead More
Guillermo Parra, Chile • Allow me to comment on the many exchanges of ideas that have taken place between us regarding the mission and our founder. I would like to do so in the light of a phrase of the Christian philosopher Soren Kierkegaard that seems to me very accurate: “Although life can be understood looking backwards, it must be lived looking forward”. I believe that in this phrase there is a key to understand much of our present situation as Schoenstatt and also of our relationship with the foundingRead More