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Misión Villa Ballester
ARGENTINA, Nazareth Rodríguez de Bella • The Virgin of Lujan, patroness of Argentina, came to visit the Casa del Niño “Maria de Nazareth” in Villa Ballester, in the context of a mission in Barrio 9 de Julio, from July 7 to July 17. — Together with Fr. Adolfo Bernassi, four missionaries: Pedro, Juan, José, and Norberto, came to go on mission in the neighborhood and take the Blessed Mother from house to house. They gave everyone medallions of the Virgin of Lujan and told the story of how she wantedRead More
ARGENTINA, via AICA • The traditional Marian Youth Walk, which takes place every year in the Diocese of San Luis, this year had a new version due to the pandemic: The Marian Youth Caravan, which took place on Sunday, November 15 at 5:00 p.m. What a beautiful time it was when we received the news and testimonies of this walk directly, when we were asked to spread the word! This generation is no longer here, but fortunately there is a note  at  AICA that we can share. — The participantsRead More

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“It is our house”

URUGUAY, Providencia Educational Center, Juan Andrés Nopitsch • Providencia Educational Center is celebrating! (And with good reason.) The chapel expansion has begun. — How often have not the small and insignificant beginnings been the source of great and greatest accomplishments? The Providencia’s history is deeply marked by Fr. Kentenich’s phrase: “How often have not the small and insignificant beginnings been the source of great and greatest accomplishments?” (Fr. Kentenich, Schoenstatt Founding Documents, p. 31) About twenty-four years ago, a group of Pilgrim Mother Campaign missionaries found out what Lucia wasRead More
GERMANY, Regina Heilig in Baden Online – Offenburger Tageblatt, Local Press Offentburg • On Monday, August 14, 2017, Deacon Matthias Buerkle and the new chaplain, Fr. Frederik Reith, celebrated the Feast of Mary’s assumption into Heaven with numerous believers at the Schoenstatt Branch Shrine near Zell-Weierbach. It is always very special, when the feast of Mary’s Assumption into heaven is celebrated in the middle of the vines at the Schoenstatt Branch Shrine rather than the parish church in Weingarten.  The Mass was first held there on August 15, 2007, duringRead More
GERMANY Georg Schick • On the afternoon of the weekend celebrations, Carolin Ankenbauer’s song, “We are the New Generation, Your Future,” was the one the Girls’ Youth spontaneously requested after the “Take me” concert. It was also the Girls’ Youth that began construction on the shrine in Ulm, Germany during the war years.  At that time, Fr. Kentenich often stayed in Ulm and spoke about the grounds for a future shrine, with views of the cathedral, and that from this place, history would be written. This is how the firstRead More
ARGENTINA, Silvia Marín • On 8 December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Rosary Campaign held the 14th pilgrimage to the chapels of Trenque Lauquen, a area of Buenos Aires. This year the pastor, Fr. Juan Pellergrino, accompanied them throughout the walk. The motto this year for the pilgrimage uniting chapels was “Mother gaze on us so we will live as brothers/sisters.” The motto was inspired on what then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio had created for a diocesan pilgrimage to Luján. They departed at 3:45 AM fromRead More