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SOUTH AFRICA, Sarah-Leah Pimentel • Do you ever look around at the world and feel completely hopeless? I work in media, and there are days that I just can’t watch another news program or read another newspaper. There is so much misery, despair, and power games at the cost of the most vulnerable people of the world. The problems are so complex and I am powerless to make even the slightest difference to alleviate the world’s troubles. But yet, I am moved by the suffering of countless millions. The needRead More
Towards the Youth Synod: “Hey, young person, Francis wants to hear you” • My history Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa – I am from a family of four. I’m 26 years of age, and I firmly believe in the family unit. I was raised in a very Catholic environment. I’m blessed to have both my parents as active role models in my life. Growing up, Sunday Mass was non-negotiable, and if I did miss it, my Mom would hound me to the confessional. I have to admitRead More
SOUTH AFRICA, Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Maria Fischer. The Schoenstatt Sisters at Constantia have been evacuated early in the morning of March 4, as firefighters are focusing their efforts on Noordhoek, Clovelly and Tokai this morning as well as assisting Groot Constantia residents evacuate as the flames fan out towards their doorsteps.  The massive blaze broke out in Muizenberg on Sunday, prompting evacuations from houses and retirement homes. Scores of people have also been treated for smoke inhalation this week. The entire mountain range south of Table Mountain is on fire… Updated  Read More