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BRAZIL, Melissa Rossatti • It is lass than two months until the blessing of the Shrine of Caieiras, a city of the greater São Paulo region. With a spirit of establishing a countdown and in the spirit of work and prayer, the Caierias Schoenstatt Family joyfully extends an official invitation for this date. The new century’s first Schoenstatt Shrine in Brazil will be developed by laypeople through the Christi Indivisible Apostolic Association, however the entire accompaniment and spiritual focus is under direction of the Our Lady of Schoenstatt Institute throughRead More
BRASIL, Melissa Rossatti • Bags of cement, shovels, sand, bricks and many rosaries… Early in the morning, that was the scenario for those passing by the grounds of the future Schoenstatt Shrine in Caieiras, in Brazil’s state of Sao Paulo. During the last month, the Caieiras Schoenstatt Movement gathered every morning to offer the rosary as a family. The initiative was called “Heroic May” and the presence of the Family members at an early hour was guaranteed with loyalty and much prayer: 31 days of prayer and devotion in whichRead More
BRAZIL, Ana Christina Melquíades • A new shrine is under construction in Caieiras, in the state of Sao Paulo – Brazil; we joyfully invite the entire International Schoenstatt Family to participate in the graces of this new throne for our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress. The construction of the Schoenstatt Shrine in Caieiras is a thirty-year dream of a solid family. The Institute of Our Lady of Schoenstatt is present in this city’s Movement; it is responsible for this city’s family, and it is marked by the 3rd historicRead More