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BRAZIL, Jaqueline Montoya Mariano, Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth from Brazil • On June 4-7, during the Corpus Christi holiday, forty girls from the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth from Brazil (Jufem) went on mission in the city Tomazina, state of Paraná. For the first time Jufem carried out missions that were exclusively theirs. At other times, they did it along with other Schoenstatt Family Branches. Jufem, which commemorates its 75th year of existence in Brazil, noted that among the many activities that they have, the missions exclusively with girls as a response forRead More
BRAZIL, Quixadá, CE, Sister M. Neiva Pavlak • On 28 March 2015, the coordinators, missionaries and families of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign and some members of the Rosario de Hombres Madre y Reina [Mother and Queen Rosary of Men] gathered for the annual training meeting held at the Quixadá Diocesan Pastoral Center. During the morning, they listened attentively to the explanations about the theme for the year: “With you Father, Family in Covenant: holiness and mission!” The DVD, “Cuál es el secreto de su corazón?” [“What is your heart’s secret?”],Read More
BRAZIL, São Paulo, Sueli Vilarinho – Family League • In 2009, the Jaraguá Family League instituted 15 April as an annual commemoration of the home shrine, following the 60th anniversary of the Santa Maria letter. Fr. Antiono Bracht and Raquel Padilla were responsible for this current of life, faith and a welcome to all families on behalf of the Jaraguá Family League. League leaders Sheila and Alex Formigoni, and directors Fr. Vandemir Meister and Raquel Padilla have worked very hard to cultivate and strengthen this life current, and as aRead More