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GERMANY, Maria Fischer • Not only in Brazil are the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary fighting with legal means – against the city of Santa Cruz do Sul and large parts of the Schoenstatt Movement because of their plans to sell the Schoenstatt grounds and shrine and the planned demolition of the latter – but also in Germany before the courts. Namely for the omission of certain statements in a book that has long since been published and translated against the historian Dr. Alexandra von Teuffenbach and the Bautz publishing house.Read More
BRAZIL, Renate Dekker and Mechthild Jahn • Hoping, dreaming, waiting, trembling and more waiting: The time before you can start building a new shrine is long and challenging. Everyone who has recently dedicated a shrine knows this – the Schoenstatt Families in Costa Rica and Caieiras, Brazil – as well as those who are waiting, for example in San Luis, Corrientes and Resistencia in Argentina, Encarnación in Paraguay, or right now in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. We have had a plot for the first shrine in thisRead More
BRAZIL, Jumas Jaraguá • “Wherever Schoenstatt is …should there still be misery?” This simple and profound question was enough to awaken a concern and to motivate the Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth from the Southeastern Region, to go out to encounter their homeless brethren in São Paulo, from 9 through 11 February. —   But it was necessary to learn more and the response came from the contact with Fr. Ailton, regional adviser, with Misión Belén, who has worked in the capital’s center for some time and helps street people. The firstRead More
Ao vivo – vivo – live – Direktübertragung: Caieiras • Se bendice un nuevo Santuario, hoy, en Caieiras, Brasil, hoy, 17 de septiembre, a las 10:00 horas de Brasil. Canción Nueva de Brasil transmite en vivo en su canal de Youtube. A TV Canção Nova transmite para todo Brasil e para Portugal, pela televisão, a bênção do novo Santuário Filial de Schoenstatt de Caieiras/SP, no dia 17 de setembro, às 10 horas, horário de Brasília/DF (às 2 horas da tarde em Portugal). Os demais países também podem acompanhar a solenidadeRead More