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BRAZIL, via • Schoenstatt reaching out, doors of mercy: this was the motto that gave ninety-three missionaries from the Schoenstatt Youth the motivation to give up a week of vacation, work and the cares of the world, to dedicate themselves entirely to taking the Word of God, his love and his mercy to the people of Braganca Paulista, San Pablo. The Tabor Youth Missions 2016 took place 16-23 July in the neighborhoods of Aguas Claras, Vem Viver and Enedina Cortez. The youths divided into three missionary communities, and theyRead More
WYD2016 by Sebastián Denis and Maria Fischer • “Very tired, very impressed.” This is how the Schoenstatt Boys Youth of Paraguay introduced themselves on their return journey from the World Youth Day in Krakow. For many of them, it was their first WYD, and it had a powerful impact on them when they say the large number of youth, the flags, testimonials, songs, joy in faith, shared with thousands of youth from every country. Some have been once, twice, or three times. It is always incredible. And it seems thatRead More
WYD2016/SPAIN, by and M. Fischer • A large group of Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth from Spain, Portugal and several Latin American countries participating in World Youth Day with Pope Francis and other youths from around the world, has already departed after meeting in Madrid – the site of the Boys’ Youth’s unforgettable “Unanimiter” [Unanimously] gathering on the eve of WYD 2011. On 18 July, approximately 150 boys departed from Serrano Shrine on the way to Krakow; they also went on pilgrimage to Schoenstatt’s Original Shrine (Germany). Around eighty-five from theRead More
BRAZIL, Boys’ Youth of the Southern Region • Generation Missionary, Everything for the Queen! Guided by this motto and regionally divided into three groups: South, Southeast, and Parana, the Schoenstatt Boy’s Youth of Brazil carried out the 2016 Christ Tabor mission. Here is a report of the 2016 Christ Tabor Mission in Ibiúana, Sao Paulo: The city of Ibiúna/SP received a very special visit on 16-23 January. Following the year’s theme: Missionary Generation, all for the Queen, forty-four missionaries, with joy and the zeal characteristic of those whose hearts areRead More
By Rafael Mota and Otávio Cesarini Ávila, JUMAS Brazil, • The number of refugees leaving the northern part of Africa and Syria, fleeing situations which violate human rights like misery and war, has appealed to the attention and sensitivity of the world during these last days. The expectation of setting foot on European soil, sometimes interrupted and frustrated dramatically: the 71 immigrants dead and abandoned in a bus in Austria; the dead child on the Turkish shore. We Schoenstatters and part of JUMAS (Male Schoenstatt Youth), how do weRead More
Today Claudio Ardissone responds: I am 45 years old, I have been married to Vicky Ramírez for 20 years, we have two children, Costanza (17) and Camilo (13) • I learned about Schoenstatt in passing when I was about 15 years old, and I became part of the Movement at the age of 19, when I entered university. The name of my Boy’s Group is Hontanar [Wellspring] and our ideal is “To be a source for others,” because we were at the stage of the second re-founding of the Boys’Read More
CUBA, Juan Vicente Escobar and Juan Miguel de la Fuente • Our first impression of Cuba was literally, a blast of hot air on our faces that almost knocked us to floor! When we arrived, besides getting lost in the small Havana airport, twenty-three Spanish girls (and some Cubans) singing the Franz Reinisch Hymn quite loudly welcomed us; it was a triumphant entrance (not bad, we can’t complain). Then we bid farewell to the missionaries from Spain, with crying, tears, come back soon, we will not forget you, etc. etc.Read More
BRAZIL, Caieiras July 19, 2015: To the Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth (JUMAS) in Brazil and for all of Schoenstatt• On 19 July, we gather to celebrate the anniversary of our Covenant of Love with the MTA and with God! Many of you do not know us, but know that we know who you are and we constantly pray for you. Who are we? We are the group “Apostles of Mary’s Boat” from Caieiras/São Paulo. We have been in existence for twenty years, twelve of them with the Covenant of Love andRead More
PARAGUAY, San Lorenzo, Ricardo M. Acosta • “Self-education is an imperative of the times,” our Founder said more than 100 years ago, and currently it continues to be an imperative of the era. “This is a beginning; it does not mean that they are going to be perfect from one day to the next, obviously you will fall, but the important thing is not to fall, but instead, to get up and begin anew, and in this process, the help of the Family and the Branch brothers will be aRead More