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PARAGUAY, by Rafael Vera • Today, on Workers’ Day, together with Alberto Léon from Chile, we had the opportunity to visit Nichoás, who is blind; Cipriano, who is in a different capacity; and Valentina, who is bedridden. The Blessed Mother used us as instruments to visit her children. It was a moving experience to see Nicolás feeling the beautiful image of our Mother, the Pilgrim Mother for the Blind, carved in wood so that she can be “seen” by touching her. She recently arrived from Argentina where the Pilgrim MotherRead More
By Tita Miño, Paraná, Argentina • Father prepared all the events and over time, he made it known to me, although every time I took the Father’s phone little card, I did not understand: “Loneliness is fruitful.” Many nights I was wakeful, and I would say interiorly, “Look, I am not prepared; I am weak and small…” Until the day arrived. I was alone when they told me I was losing my sight. Glaucoma had destroyed 90% of the optic nerve. There was no going back. I am grateful toRead More
FRANCIS AT THE SYNOD • Vatican, 25 October 2015, one year after the Audience to celebrate the jubilee of the Covenant of Love. A year of calling the entire Schoenstatt Family to accompany families, body to body, to give witness to life and to commit to the culture of encounter that is a covenant culture and creates solidarity. At the solemn closing Mass for the Synod, Pope Francis was surrounded by the 270 synod fathers. The mass at the end of a mini council. Bergoglio gave thanks for the “pathRead More