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BRAZIL, JUMAS Atibaia via • Madness of love for the Blessed Mother.  This is a good description of the reasons that led 20 young people, including Schoenstatt Apostles, Pioneers, Boys Youth and Girls Youth in Atibaia, São Paulo, to gather at 7am on a Sunday to scale Pedra Grande, the city’s highest point at 1.450 metres. Traditionally known as the Mountain Conquest, Fr. Alexandre, the director for the Boys Youth, accompanied the Atibaia youth who also had the support of their families. Mother’s picture always at the helm With a picture ofRead More
CHILE, Esperanza Colombo vía Revista Vínculo • “Rejoice family, you are fertile ground:” Many weeks and many special events have passed, especially the blessing of the Talca Shrine, since more than ninety people, children and adults from Talca and Curicó went on mission for a week through the streets of Chimbarongo in Region VI.  However in retrospect and with the distance of time, hearts blaze when these Family Missions’ experiences are told. For the second consecutive year, Chimbarongo and its people were in charge of welcoming the families, who carriedRead More
HOLY YEAR OF MERCY – POPE FRANCIS’ MESSAGE FOR THE 50TH WORLD COMMUNICATIONS DAY • “Communication and Mercy: a fruitful encounter” is the title of Pope Francis’ message for World Communications Day 2016 which was presented on 22 January at the Holy See’s Press Office. The message was symbolically signed by the Holy Father on 24 January 2016, on the feast of St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of journalists. The 50th World Communications Day will be celebrated on 8 May 2016. It’s a message that brings us joyRead More
PARAGUAY, by María Fischer • “The private initiative of a member of our Family, in the context of the Jubilee Year – to build in the heart of Paraguay the basic infrastructures for homes which can continue being built by their beneficiaries – led us to the decision that the gift we can give to His Holiness through Covenant solidarity and with the support of friends and acquaintances, is to give 100 basic homes to 100 families who live in extreme poverty. They will be the living remembrance of ourRead More
By Maria Fischer/Editorial • We filled the jars with our gifts: with our gratitude and repentance, with our surrender and longing. During the years of preparation for the jubilee of the covenant of love, the Pilgrimage Prayer 2014 was prayed, in a dozen languages in the Shrines all around the world and in the midst of daily life. Perhaps we haven’t to pray with those words, but the jar of the Original Shrine continues to be filled. Many people personally bring their gifts to the Original Shrine, and thereRead More
PARAGUAY, by Fr. Oscar Iván Saldivar • I must tell you that during my first years of theological studies, the study of the mystery of the Blessed Trinity was one of my favorite topics. Not only because of the intellectual impediments of the topic, or because of the rational effort that the Church has made for centuries trying to understand something about this God who is One and who reveals himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but also because of the affective impediments which the Trinitarian mystery has forRead More
CHILE, Talca, by Carlos Montoya and Paulina Tapia • In the year 1992, in Tacla, a group of couples gathered for the first time in the home of Fernando Bobenrieth and Martita Kulkis to begin their road to Schoenstatt. Father Horacio Rivas arrived very soon to these lands; the following year, the first Covenants of Love were sealed, and two years later the Wayside Shrine was blessed. This is how the Schoenstatt in Talca was born, which has grown in Covenant life throughout twenty-three years with abundant contributions to theRead More
CHILE, Los Pinos, by Isidora González • Reñaca Más Alto is a social project that was born in 2010, at the hands of a group of University Boys’ Youth from Los Pinos: they are youths who are concerned about doing social work with the desire to build humanly and materially, with a committed spirit and generous hearts, they have the gaze of leaders, youths who not only saw a reality that was completely different from theirs just meters from their homes, a reality of which they decided to become aRead More