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PARAGUAY, 100 solidarity houses, by Ani Souberlich and Maria Fischer • “To see your faces, your children, your elderly, and to hear about your experiences and everything you went through to be here, to have a dignified life and a roof over your heads, to endure the bad weather and the flooding of these last few weeks… All this makes me think of the little family of Bethlehem. Your struggles have not taken away your laughter, your joy and your hope. Struggles which have not lessened your sense of solidarityRead More
Dining halls for the poor, dormitories, evening classes, shelters, family guidance centers, and centers for reintegration of convicts– an initiative a month Rome. In the Vatican dicastery for the New Evangelization and in the Vicariate, they are working on twelve “signs of mercy” that Francis will give the capital during the Holy Year. They will be gestures carried out by the Pope, and they will have a lasting effect in Rome. They are inspired by the spiritual and corporal acts of mercy indicated in the Gospel. That is to feedRead More
PARAGUAY, María Fischer • We were almost leaving, bidding farewell once again to this young and a struggling mother, who can barely speak Spanish, but at least she understands our language better than we understand her Guaraní. We understood the pride and gratitude of her gestures when she showed us her garden, her plants, and above all her little house, which is very small but clean and painted a light turquoise. While her daughter, Luz, a timid little girl, with difficulty moving her hands and feet, simply smiled and lookedRead More
Hildegard Beckmann: answers today. She is 68 years old from Düsseldorf, and she belongs to the Institute of Our Lady of Schoenstatt, that is to say, she is the leader of the Schoenstatt Family in Cologne and Düsseldorf. She is active in different guilds of spiritual assistance, and she is committed to the accompaniment of people and different social commitments. Six months into the pilgrimage through the second century of the Covenant of Love…what is your dream for this Schoenstatt where we are and where we find ourselves in theRead More
mda. "That the solidarity houses and solidarity can continue."  This was one of the 10 "dreams" for the future of Schoenstatt.org expressed during the its council planning meeting in Madrid at the end of January.  Since May 2013, the "100 houses" solidarity project has become an endless narrative of personal stories of solidarity - and not only for the eight Schoenstatt.org planning team who couldn't stop telling each other the best stories - in that there are now almost 150 houses donated in covenant solidarity with the poorest families onRead More
GERMANY, usd. This is about the 100 houses of solidarity. For every shrine, there is a house as a Jubilee gift for the Blessed Mother! Of course, I also wanted to help, and the house built, thanks to my donation, would have the name of my group shrine, Shrine of Pentecost Grace. Afterwards I was thinking very much about my small shrine, which has had a special place in my home for many years. How many? The Blessed Mother has been working from here since 1978.Read More