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An October 18th in Schoenstatt: remembering Joseph Engling and more


Experiencing the 18 October in Schoenstatt had a special connotation, since we had come from commemorating October 4th, the centenary of Josef Engling’s death and of traveling in his footsteps. Thanks to the Covenant of Love, Josef Engling reached such a spiritual level that he offered his life for the fruitfulness of the shrine.



This day in Schoenstatt was experienced in a lively atmosphere and everyone prepared to welcome many pilgrims from allover. Everything began with a morning Mass, where the life of our covenant brother, his effort for self-education, and the way that he understood the covenant at the hand of our Father and Founder was emphasized.

A rosary pilgrimage

In the afternoon, we prayed a rosary going on pilgrimage through some places in Schoenstatt, departing from the Ladies Federation Shrine. At the end, we had a ceremony in the Pilgrims’ Church, which ended in the Original Shrine, where the papers with contributions to the Capital of Grace were burned, and we renewed our Covenant of Love.



The heart of the Church: the Shrine

104 years of the Covenant of Love seemed like a lot, perhaps a person will not live long enough to thoroughly see how everything changes.

However in God’s eyes, it is only a small step of the road that our shrine has to travel to be the heart of the Church which the Founder foresaw.

During one of the talks about Josef Engling, we were told that today we have another war, because the one he experienced was very evident externally, and in our case, it is more internal. It is not so easy to see the horror around us, which is why we must draw closer to God, to our experiences, to encounter our fellowman and to seek a source for holiness.



The Blessed Mother takes perfect care

The celebration in the Original Shrine was a very joyful time for those who were in Schoenstatt. Everyone brought offerings, and surely they departed renewed. On my part, who participated as a volunteer, I always have the impression that the Blessed Mother makes a road for us, that she really wants us to be well spiritually and personally. The exchange is very well known when we collaborate with our time and talent so that her work will grow. She is very generous giving us her graces.



Photos by the author.

Original: Spanish. 8 November 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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