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Life is about experiences

ORIGINAL SHRINE, Josemaría Sanguinetti •

Life is about experiences. Each moment marks you, for better or worse. What we’re living here is a great experience that will remain with us the rest of our lives. We’ve only been in the Boys’ Youth School for Leaders, and yet we already have stories we could spend hours telling. Our arrival from the airport to Schoenstatt is one such story. We didn’t know one another yet, almost all of us were traveling alone, but little by little, we began getting to know one another on our way to the Original Shrine. And from that moment on, a very strong feeling of trust and confidence was experienced. —

We’re young, we know that. We like to talk, and do the same things like many of our own age. However we also know that what we are doing is a bit unusual, which is why we gladly assumed a certain responsibility. That’s why we go to the shrine every morning, either the Original Shrine or the Shrine of the Institute of Our Lady of Schoenstatt. We pray a prayer entrusting the day. That’s why we study some aspect of our Father and Founder and the Movement from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. And for all of this, each morning we have a prayer time to give thanks for everything we’ve learned. We don’t stop, because we came here to train ourselves as leaders. And every night, we end up tired, we can’t do any more, but we’re happy for everything we’ve experienced.

Something we all have in common

Several days ago, we visited Limburg. After a great deal of walking, we were very tired. A Sister from the DAS WERK spiritual family welcomed us at the Cathedral; she was excited to see such a large group. Her name was Martina Ortega, and she explained everything with inspiring joy . When the tour ended, she asked us to sing some songs for everyone; it was quite exceptional. The people were very happy, and the sister was very happy. In that short time, I realized that we all have something in common, we always look for small acts, brief moments, to make people smile.

The days continue to pass, and we continue getting to know one another, studying, and learning how to be leaders. Life is about experiences. This is one of the big ones.

The International Boys’ Youth School for Leaders began two weeks ago, and it’s already halfway through. The twenty participants are from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, the United States, Brazil, and Spain and they have been in Schoenstatt to learn its history, to study Fr. Kentenich’s charism, to make trips and pilgrimages, and to contribute to the life around the Original Shrine especially with their participation in the night blessing.



Experiences: Limburg

Original: Spanish. 23 July 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA



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