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A pilgrimage to Schoenstatt: grateful impressions

ARGENTINA/EUROPA, by Carlos Cappelletti •

During May, Fr. Guillermo Mario Cassone, a Schoenstatt Father, took a group of Argentinean pilgrims to Schoenstatt and other well-known pilgrimage sites on the “old continent.” Carlos Cappelletti, from the Diocese of Nueve de Julio Madrugadores, was on this pilgrimage along with his wife, and he shares his journey. —

A first time grace-filled experience at the Original Shrine

We just returned from a pilgrimage to Europe’s Marian Shrines; our trip was really an ocean of graces.

First, we visited Vallendar, where we stayed at Mount Moriah house, the Central House for the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests.

Words cannot describe the emotions and feelings that we felt upon participating in the Eucharist in the Original Shrine. Fr. Guillermo Cassone celebrated Holy Mass and as our spiritual companion and the one who through his narratives and experiences close to Fr. Kentenich helped us relive that First Consecration of the “Sodalists” on 18 October 1914! There is no doubt that a current of graces flows from this place out to the entire world. There are more than 210 daughter shrines in the different countries, and the Schoenstatt Movement continues to grow!

Visiting and walking in the different places where our Father and Founder had been and being emotional at every site is something that will never be erased from our memories or our souls. We prayed at Fr. Kentenich’s tomb, and we prayed for the fundamental graces of Sheltering, Inner Transformation, and Apostolic Zeal, so we can experience them every day for our good and that of others.

Learning about the life of Sr. Emilie was another powerful moment of the pilgrimage. Learning how she trusted in Providence, and how she accepted suffering without complaining will be a great example that we will also try to exemplify.

On to other pilgrimage sites

Filled with the Blessed Mother, we left this place towards Medjugorje. Another intense experience in the footsteps of the Queen of Peace”. With the physical difficulty implied for retirees like us, climbing the Hill of Apparitions was a very powerful moment. Complete silence in the midst of a great number of people, everyone in silent prayer. Seeing parents arriving and embracing their children with different abilities and being thankful for everything we have received when many times we do not value their true worth came somewhat automatically.

We departed peacefully for Lanciano, Italy, where the first and greatest Eucharistic miracles is kept for more than twelve centuries. We were able to pray before the host that was transformed into the body and the wine was transformed into blood happened in the year 700 A.D. In addition to the ecclesiastic recognition, there has been a modern scientific declaration through detailed and rigorous laboratory tests. The final report of a prestigious doctors’ states: “Et verbum caro factum est” – The Word was made flesh.

We passed through San Giovanni de Rotondo, where we prayed before the uncorrupted body of St. Padre Pio, one of Italy’s most venerated saints.

We finished up our pilgrimage by visiting the Marian Shrines of Lourdes and Fatima. Again there were multitudes in both places, in the midst of a sepulchral silence. It was an ideal atmosphere in which to pray, contemplate, and adore. It was a religious experience, which thanks to God, my wife, and I had the opportunity to encounter by constantly giving thanks for everything we have received.

Original: Spanish. 22 June 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin. TX USA

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