Useful Information

You find useful information to the shops, sights and expositions in Schönstatt and surrounding at the menue on the left side.

>>> Weather

The temperature does not vary greatly. In winter (November-March) temperatures fluctuate between 12º C to -6º C, while in summer the average temperatures fluctuate between 18º C to 30º C. It can get very cold during the nights, so it is evident to bring warm clothes at all times. There is rain throughout the year. It is recommended to bring an umbrella even in summer!!!

>>> Money

Not all houses accept credit cards or EC cards. The currency in Germany is Euro.

Banks and Cash Dispensers

Sparkasse Vallendar
Phone: 0261 / 393 – 0

Opening hours:
Mon-Fr: 8.30-12.30 h
and 14.00-16.30 h

Volksbank Vallendar
Heerstraße 50a
Phone: 0261-64008-0

Opening hours:
Mon-Fr: 8.00-12.30 h
and 14.00-16.00 h
Thursday: 8.00-12.30 h
and 14.00-17.30 h

>>>Transportation and Travel

Within Schoenstatt itself: THERE IS NO public transportation. It is recommended to rent a car, since many of the roads are steep and there is much ground to cover.

Take a taxi:
Lauterberg: 0261-63066
Taxi-Team Deusing-Polity: 0261-66130

Tickets and travel information

Görgen- Travel Agency
Heerstraße 50
56179 Vallendar

Phone: 0261/60077
Fax: 0261/60020