Visitor Information: Information for Pilgrims to Schoenstatt

The small shrine in the valley from Schönstatt as well as the “beautiful town” growing around the valley and on the surrounding hills is becoming more and more a magnet for thousands of people whose lives are moved by the covenant of love.

Some travel with great joy and aspiration over 10.000 kilometres in order to have only once stepped into the original shrine. Many come as pilgrims, others come to seminars and workshops out of interest for the Schönstatt movement to get to know a place of grace or even just as tourists.

For all of you we want to give information to help you plan your visit here – may it be for a few hours or for several days.

A warm Welcome to everybody!

Schönstatt is not a closed area, but rather a small town which spreads out in the valley in the local edge of Vallendar which has given the name to the Schönstatt movement: “eyne schoene statt” (a beautiful town) is the medieval way it was called. The valley is surrounded by four mountain ranges which are divided by three deep valley incisions: Wambachtal, Höhrer valley and Hillscheider valley with their respective brooks which flow together in Schönstatt and flow into Vallendar in the Rhine.

Schönstatt expanded in the course of time onto the hills around it and they were given names by Schönstatt: Berg Schönstatt (East), Reginaberg with Berg Nazareth (North) and Berg Sion / Berg Moriah/ Marienberg (South). On these hills the main houses for the different groups in Schönstatt and their shrines are built.