Streaming in Times of Pandemic

Live Masses from Schoenstatt Shrines Original Shrine Masses in the Schoenstatt Shrines Argentina Chapel of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Sion, Florencio Varela – Wednesday and Saturday 19:00 hrs. Sunday and special days 11:00hrs Del Cerro Shrine, C√≥rdoba – Monday to Saturday: 20:00 hrs. Sunday: 11:30 hrs. and 20:00 hrs. h Brazil Masses from various shrines in Brazil Chile Broadcasting of daily masses from various Shrines in Chile Mexico Transmission of Masses and rosaries from various shrines in Mexico Spain Shrine of Madrid, Serrano – Monday to Saturday: 20:30 hrs. Sunday: 13:15 hrs Portugal Lisbon Shrine – Monday to Friday 19:00 … Continue reading Streaming in Times of Pandemic