Streaming in Times of Pandemic

Live Masses from Schoenstatt Shrines

Original Shrine

Schedule of the Masses broadcast live from the Original Shrine during the pandemic:
Monday to Saturday

08:00 AM, in German
05:00 PM, in Spanish (Tuesdays in English) -> April – October
04:00 PM, in Spanish (Tuesdays in English) -> November – March


09:00 AM, in German

03:30 PM, in Portuguese
05:00 PM, in Spanish

Rosary in different languages each day: 07:00 PM

Link to the Webcam of the Original Shrine

Masses in the Schoenstatt Shrines


Chapel of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Sion, Florencio Varela – Wednesday and Saturday 19:00 hrs. Sunday and special days 11:00hrs

Del Cerro Shrine, Córdoba – Monday to Saturday: 20:00 hrs. Sunday: 11:30 hrs. and 20:00 hrs. h


Masses from various shrines in Brazil


Broadcasting of daily masses from various Shrines in Chile


Transmission of Masses and rosaries from various shrines in Mexico


Shrine of Madrid, Serrano – Monday to Saturday: 20:30 hrs. Sunday: 13:15 hrs


Lisbon Shrine – Monday to Friday 19:00 hrs. Saturday 10:00 hrs. Sunday 12:00 hrs.


Sankt Gallen Shrine – Wednesday and Friday 19:00hrs., Sunday 10:30hrs.


Vienna – Sunday, 10:30 AM (via Zoom)

All hours are local time.

Live adoration, spiritual visits to the shrine, cantatas, rosaries, workshops are also offered on one some the channels

There are more offers on Facebook, Instagram and Zoom. Here we only show the masses transmitted via YouTube, Vimeo and GDPR compliant pages/channels.

Church reaching out during times of streaming.

Live transmissions of Pope Francis’ morning masses and live broadcast celebrations

Masses on television, radio and internet in Spain and some Latin American countries

Masses broadcast live from cathedrals and parishes in Germany

STREAMING.EU:Digital visits to the Shrines of Europe – a COMECE initiative

Jesuits’ digital offerings: a multilingual portal to report, in real time, on the many initiatives undertaken by Jesuits around the world in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.