A Visit to Schoenstatt – the Valley and the Mountains

The Valley

The Mother Shrine, the heart of Schoenstatt, can be found in the valley.

Behind the shrine, pilgrims can visit the heroes’ graves and Pilgrim Place. The Pilgrim Church (Wallfahrtskirche), the Pilgrim House (Pilgerheim) and House Sonnenau (belonging to the Girls’ Youth) are also nearby.

On the other side of the Shrine is the Old House, House Marienau and its shrine (belonging to the Apostolic Federation of Diocesan Priests), the Press Office, the “farewell point,” House St. Joseph and the Theological School belonging to the Pallotine Fathers. Here you also find House Sonneck (the International Secretariat), Bundesheim, House Mariengart (Women’s Federation) and House Gertrud von Bullion. Lastly, there is also House Mario Hiriat belonging to the Brothers of Mary.

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Mount Schoenstatt

Here you will find the Adoration Church (Anbetungskirche) where Fr. Kentenich’s sarcophagus is located. The Father Kentenich House and Father Joseph Kentenich Secretariat can also be found on this hill.

The other houses on Mount Schoenstatt belong to the Institute of the Sisters of Mary: Mother House (Mutterhaus), the novitiate, the formation house (Schulungsheim) where Father Kentenich’s room can be visited, Mission House (Missionshaus), the “Garden of Mary” Shrine, the Adoration Sisters’ house as well as the house and shrine belonging to the Sisters who work for the movement and also forms the centre for the women’s branches (Marienland).

Many of these houses are reserved for private use by the Institute.

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Mount Sion

The Shrine and houses belonging to the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers – the Province House, Father House (Vaterhaus) and the house belonging to the Adoration fathers – can be found on Mount Sion.

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Mount Moriah

Here you find the shrine and house belonging to the Institute of Diocesan Priests as well as the meeting house for the priests belonging to the Apostolic League.

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Mount Regina

The mother house for the Institute of our Lady of Schoenstatt (Haus Regina) and its Shrine “Patri Unita” can be found on this hill.

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Mount Nazareth

The main house for the Family Institute (Haus Nazareth), the house of the Family Work (Haus der Familie) and the Family Shrine is located on Mount Nazareth.

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Mount Mary

The house belonging to the Boys’ Youth (Jugendzentrum), the Tabor House and the Tabor Shrine can be found here.