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The Fraternal and Solidary Commitment for the “Periphery” of Work and Life

Fr. José María García Sepúlveda. The “periphery” of man and his actual culture is the primary aim of the evangelization mission assumed by Holy Father Francis at the beginning of his pontificate, and with him, by the entire universal church.  It is a certainly surprising challenge, considering the level of tasks and problematic situations which the Church faces within herself and clearly made evident with  papal dimension on behalf of Holy Father Benedict XVI.

The message of Pope Francis is clear and understandable by everyone.  In fidelity to her Lord Jesus Christ and in the evangelizing and integral service to the human being, and especially to the one who lives and unfolds in the periphery of the present societies, the Church finds strength and meaning to approach all the reforms necessary which permits her to face those tasks and internal situations and for her to be a credible witness to what she announces and offers.

Carlos Barrio, a working family man given to reflection and faith, goes out to encounter this task, offering us a book on the Holy Rosary.

He presents to us the fruitfulness of his own experience.  From the maternal and educational hand of the Blessed Virgin, he faithfully approaches the way of the Lord.  It is something which the Holy Rosary always gave us and which he relates to us with love and lengthiness in the presentation, in the development and in the notes of his book.  He takes us by the hand, with all the warmth, simplicity and humility of the friend who shares, and teaches us or remembering that which gave structure and content to the praying of the Holy Rosary.

Each moment of the Holy Rosary is presented, not only from the mystery of the God with us, but from his own life experience of faith, made into a reflection.

And this is what is original, evocative and defiant which the author poses to us.  He opens up to us his reflection so that we may approach this way of faith, from our own experience.

Daily life and the world of work, confines of the presence of God with us

The title of the book frames his proposal.  They are not only reflections on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, but the Holy Rosary of work and life…..two confines where the greater part of our existence developes, daily life and the world of work.  And therefore, the presence of God with us.  Confines which today, seen from the real presence of the Gospel, can be considered as “peripheries,” separated from their central message:  the real presence of the Lord, the importance of his active love, healing and saving, dignifying and soliciting communion.

They are spaces in which by our identity as children of the God- Maker, Worker, and as children of the God of Life, we are called to reveal his presence, his mystery in life and in work, and with it, make Him notoriously present as the Good News for the man who moves among them.

Making life and work prayer and commitment

To evangelize life and work, making life and work prayer and commitment.  These are  proposals which come forth from these shared reflections.   A challenge witnessed by the author himself who is an active man in the empresarial  confines of Argentina, a socially committed man with a broad vision for political developments, and a man interested in  education and pedagogy and a former of social agents.  They are proposals to be grateful for because of bravery and freedom with which they are shared with us, especially coming from a layman and which indicate his fine spiritual sensibility developed in his religious, ecclesial and Marian world.

These reflections become – in the evangelization line of Holy Father Francis – an experience of mercy and love for one’s neighbor, in the fraternal and solidary commitment to the “periphery” of work and life, and as such, are an instrument in a certain way, daring, gratitude for all those who feel questioned by their faith…..and in a particular way at this time of renewal of the Church.  This is material to which we turn each time in which our faith feels questioned in regard to life and work.

Original Spanish: Translation:  Carlos Cantú, Schoenstatt Family Federation, La Feria, Texas USA  12242014


Information on the book

Carlos E. Barrio y Lipperheide: El Rosario del Trabajo y la Vida
Editorial Claretiana, Buenos Aires, Argentina (

ISBN 978-950-512-853-2

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