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Posted On 2022-09-07 In official communiqué

New International Leadership Elected

International Apostolic Schoenstatt Family Federation •

Today, the 4th General Chapter of the International Apostolic Schoenstatt Family Federation has elected a new International Leadership for a 5-year term. —

The leadership consists of the following couples:

  1. Silvina and Raúl Viñas, Argentina, international leader
  2. Margarita and Alcides González, Paraguay, 1st counselor couple,
  3. Maria and Stefan Pelz, Germany, 2nd counselor couple,
  4. Martha and Martin Rigler, Austria, 3rd counselor

The following substitute couples were also elected:

  • Małgorzata and Wojciech Szczeblewscy, Poland, first substitute couple,
  • Luciana und Edso Mocelin, Brazil, second substitute couple,
  • Lenka and Ondřej Múčkovi, Czech Republic, third substitute

The General Chapter has been in session since September 1st and will end on September 11th. In addition to the election of the leadership, the General Chapter renewed the International Constitution ad experimentum, received reports from the international leadership as well as from the territorial federation communities, discussed motions as well as current issues.

The families of the leadership and the whole Federation Chapter ask for prayers for the newly elected leadership and the Family Federation.

The General Chapter thanks the preceding leadership, composed of the couples Rosa María and Josef Wieland, (Germany), Flávia and Tomás Santos (Brazil), Manuela and Helmut Baumgartner (Austria) and Margarita and Alcides González (Paraguay) for their dedication, initiatives, faithfulness and love for the Family Federation.

The International Apostolic Schoenstatt Family Federation is present in 20 countries and includes approximately 2000 families.

United in the Covenant of Love,

Silvina y Raúl Viñas

56204 Hillscheid


Federación de Familias

New leadership of the International Federation of Families, with substitute couples

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