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Austria is Impressive – A New National Website is Online

AUSTRIA, mda. “Our aim was to design a page for people who want to know: What is Schoenstatt actually all about?” That was Susi Mitter’s answer when she was asked for the idea behind the new design of the national internet page of the Schoenstatt Movement in Austria. The creative minds of those responsible for the page, Susi Mitter and Martin Schiffl, spent many hours in front of the monitor screen before the new page saw the light of day in the middle of November. Clear, alive and dynamic, with current dates and news, it has since then “represented” the “new”


How do you design the internet presence of a federal Movement with strong regional centres of life, communities formed by a common option for a way of life or calling, and any number of apostolic projects, and hence where life gives rise to ever new expressions and forms? And how do you make it interesting for your “own people” and for others? A challenge faced by everyone who wants to communicate life – actual life – and give it a voice.

“Our aim was to design a page for people who want to know: What is Schoenstatt actually all about?” Susi Mitter’s experience with editing the magazine for families, “FAB” (Family as Vocation) stood her in good stead. “We spent ages trying things out, and then decided that what we have to offer is directed both to the regions and particular target groups. Such a thing doesn’t exist with other federally structured movements – we looked at any number of webpages. We still think it is a stroke of genius!”

Reports on life along with dates and contacts

The information on Schoenstatt’s spirituality is put briefly on one page; anyone wanting to know more is directed to the international webpage The editorial board of is happy about this, and above all that questions relating to Austria will in future be directed to the national webpage.

Real progress: “All the dates can be found in a central place here. In the past it took a lot of effort.” Now, if you want to, you can filter your search according to target groups, subjects or regions, or look at everything chronologically – and immediately register for your chosen event.

Experiences and examples of successful lives

“Besides this the webpage naturally has to be attractive and informative for Schoenstatters. This is provided by the reports on events”, Susi Mitter explained. They are alive and are of interest not only for Schoenstatters – and some will find their way to the international webpage from there. Finally, the entire webpage is influenced by the aspiration and goal of Kentenich communication:

“Experiences and the examples of successful lives
can help others far more than
theories and opinions.
That is why we like to pass on our experiences in life
and allow ourselves to be enriched by the lives of others
according to the motto
of the Founder of the Schoenstatt Movement, Fr Joseph Kentenich:
‘Life is enkindled by life’.


Warmest congratulations on Austria’s attractive internet webpage! Warmest congratulations on behalf of the editorial team of to its “communication twin” – and our good collaboration in solidarity.

List of Schoenstatt’s national and international websites

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