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Schoenstatt that sets forth: an app to prepare for the Jubilee

ARGENTINA, Juan Ignacio Saravia/mda. A new application for Android cell phones is now available to welcome the 100 years of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement.  The application has been available since the 18th of September and it will accompany everyone who downloads it to their cell phones with varied activities until the 18th of October, to reinforce the missionary spirit and that of prayer in a totally special way, with the motto:  “Schoenstatt that sets forth”. The iOS version will be available in a couple of days.  “We have made this initiative concrete to invite everyone to prepare spiritually and actively for the 18th of October.  To do this, we made an Application for cell phones that invites one  to make a simple but noble gesture every day so as not to reach the Centenary unprepared”, the initiators of the Boys’ and Girls’ Youth from Cordoba, Argentina commented.  The application is available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Italian and soon French will be added.

“It would be beautiful if all Schoenstatters worldwide could go out to encounter the other and give a Covenant culture to others in a concrete way, thinking about creating new streams of life for the coming 100 years”.  With this motivation they are offering the App to be downloaded from the Google Play Store, which is only available for cell phones with Android.  For those who cannot access this App and who wish to be current with the activities, can receive the card and mission of the day, from the Facebook Fan Page “Schoenstatt Cordoba”.

The translators and collaborators appeared…

Juan Ignacio Saravia and Fiore Bagatello are the ones who started this project, Juan Ignacio as the Widget Developer and Fiore created the Design and Content.

The two are dating and “it seems that God wanted us to unite”, Juan Ignacio commented.  Friends and people who know how translate joined the project, making it possible to offer the application in five languages.

The team did not wait a single minute to say yes to the request to spread the App, “since we do not have the way to share it as effectively as your web page.”

The youths want to place the App at the disposal of all the Schoenstatters worldwide.  This is the reason they are requesting the readers of to spread it through all channels of communication that they have…for a “Schoenstatt that sets forth”.


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Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA

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  1. Rosa says:

    Hoy 30 de sept/2014 me comprometo a seguir haciendo lo q. desde Abril8/1993 hize en el Santuario de Zion con Padre Carlos(Dios lo tenga en la Gloria) en Milwaakee.Las bendiciones yregalos espirituales q. he recibido son incontables pero q. me obligan a dar Gracias a mi MTA ys/t servirle de mensajera en este dia y el resto de mi vida.Darle las gracias por escogerme para esta mission.
    Thank you to the Schoenstatt Fam. Eduardo & Gladys Gonzales of Carolina,P.R. to whom I"llforever grateful for being my Guiding Angels then.I also amvery grateful toJhonny Ortiz of Jonesboro,Ga. who took me to my first Schoestatt Celebration in
    Congers,Ga. where the kept M T A at aMonastery.This was in oct/1993 if my memory does not fail me.

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