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Joao Pozzobon’s great secret of universal and instrumental fruitfulness

By Cristina White, Argentina, missionary of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign •

The Synod on the Family convoked by the Holy Father will be held in Rome in October. We are aware of the great pressures and difficulties the Christian family is subjected to at the present time. As the Church, we count on the help of grace to find ways that will allow us to save it from so many attacks and so many worldly values to which it is subjected to. This is where the importance of praying for the fruitfulness of the Synod lies while simultaneously being central to this crusade for the family.

In the Rosary Campaign, we have a first class ministry at the service of the family. Joao Pozzobon knew how to engage in this divine initiative, and he gave his life for it. He tells us in his testimony: “The present aim is to serve the family with all our might, through sanctification;” … (Uriburu, Esteban, A Hero Today Not Tomorrow, p.120). In the Campaign, he saw that the Blessed Mother had chosen him for a great Visitation that she wanted to undertake from her Shrine, in order to manifest herself as the great Mother and Educator of families and people. She wanted to show herself as the great bearer of the Christ, her Son, by taking the message of the Covenant of Love and pilgrimage graces.

Joao Pozzobon’s great secret

He witnessed Mary’s work in all the homes where he took her. This work was the fruit of his Covenant of Love experience. In Schoenstatt, God wanted to subordinate the Divine work to human collaboration, to the Capital of Grace. Thus it is indispensable that in order for her to work in this Great Visitation, that we, who carry it out, offer our efforts for holiness, so that she will work miracles of transformation in the hearts of those receiving her. This was Joao Pozzobon’s great secret of his universal and instrumental fruitfulness: his constant contribution to the Capital of Grace.

Thousands of Pilgrim MTAs presently travel to families in diverse places and in different countries around the globe. Some have more spiritual support and others less, because they are just beginning or they are far from Shrines. Perhaps many missionaries have not been able to be prepared to seal their Covenant of Love.

Be the good kind of crazy- be madly in love

The universality of the Covenant of Love invites and encourages us to have a broad vision of the fruitfulness of Capital of Grace directed to support the victorious march that the Blessed Mother has undertaken in the world as our great contribution to this Synod on the Family. Consequently she will work in the many homes she visits, and on her way, thousands of hearts will be opened to the Schoenstatt message. A great revolution of hearts can be accomplished through the Campaign that in Covenant with her will save the families of the whole world.

It seems crazy, but as Don Joao would say, “There are two kinds of crazy people: those who go to the asylum and those who are madly in love.” May we be a part of the latter, and may we give our all through our loyal, our truly loyal, fulfillment to our duty, and to our intense prayer life for the Campaign allover the world, for Schoenstatt’s wellbeing, and…for the greater good of Mother Church!

Original: Spanish. Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA


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