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Pentecost Congress: “Memorandum of Understanding”

At the expressed wish of Fr Ludwig Güthlein, the co-ordinator of the team leading the Pentecost Congress, we are herewith making available the official translations of the “Memorandum of Understanding” signed by the participants at the Pentecost Congress, as well as Fr Ludwig Güthlein’s greeting (in German).

Download Memorandum:

ES Memorandum Congreso Pentecostés 2015

EN Memorandum Pentecost Congress 2015

DE Memorandum Pfingstkongress 2015

FR Memorandum Congrès Pentecôte 2015FR Memorandum Congrès Pentecôte 2015

Greeting to the worldwide Schoenstatt Family – in German only

Pfingstkongress 2015 – Grußwort an die weltweite Schönstattfamilie

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