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Working during confinement or: The page that never sleeps

SPAIN, Paz Leiva •

This confinement thing is getting long. Even with so much time on our hands, we’re busy all day. —

Yesterday was Holy Thursday. In the middle of the afternoon, a WhatsApp made me fix my eyes on my mobile: it’s Tita, from Vienna, I’m going to answer. “I’ll be with you in a while.” It took me half an hour to get to my friend. Tita was “struggling” with a text from Father Busse. A profound text, full of humanity, like Father Busse, joyful, full of hope: with an educated German, decorated with everyday expressions, loaded with images of real life and comparisons that are almost impossible to translate without losing their deepest meaning. In the half hour it took me to attend the WhatsApp, Juan Eduardo, from the other side of the world, and Maria, from the editorial office, had helped to resolve Tita’s questions. And it was not a minor doubt.

Anyone who doesn’t know Father Busse’s articles is missing a lot.  Unfortunately, you, dear english-speaking readers, cannot enjoy this article as it was never translated into English, due to the lack of translators.

This is what this team is like. Any day at any time there is someone willing to help, in the moment

Today is Good Friday

The highlight of this morning was the “retreat” of Father José María. There we were ready in front of the television. The notice that the talk was starting ran through the nets. Mobile phones away, not disconnected. Once the talk was over, we took some time for introspection and then for a marital dialogue.

It was almost lunchtime in Spain. Miguel Angel was correcting two articles for today.  Eduardo, from Mexico, came to WhatsApp ready to give a hand with his usual good humor: “correcting on Good Friday counts double”. – “Triple”, they reply from the editorial staff. The good thing is that nothing counts, everything is voluntary. What counts is the friendship, the love for Schoenstatt, the love of telling stories, the desire to give a service.

The fact is that collaborating on is an “essential service”, although it is not among those described in the lists of essential services during confinement. It should be included.

All of us have been separated for years, without visiting or seeing each other – as in confinement – but we are always united.

On Good Friday also!

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Original: Spanish 04.10.20. Translated by: Maria Aragon, Monterrey, México.

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