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“I was with him, and now he’s with me” – Mirtha’s story

ARGENTINA,  Claudia Echenique •

Today I want to tell you about the experience of Mirtha, a lady in her 70s, during this time of coronavirus quarantine. She lives alone in her apartment in Buenos Aires, since her family live in different cities in Argentina. —

Mirtha loves Jesus Christ and loves “her” father Joseph Kentenich. She collaborates as a volunteer in Confidentia, the house of the Schoenstatt Movement downtown. There she participates in the Circle of Members of the Mothers’ Branch, she makes adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and one of her main duties is to attend the sacristy during the hours of a few Masses.

Being a sacristan has allowed her to have contact with many of the Schoenstatt Fathers who have worked in Buenos Aires and also with the Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests who have celebrated Mass at the Shrine downtown.

One of those priests whom Mirtha attended at the sacristy is Fr. Pablo Pol, who is now the rector of the Original Shrine.

Religious life through TV, computer and cell-phones

In these days of quarantine, there are many broadcasts of masses, rosaries, meditations, retreats and even group meetings via streaming, especially through the social networks Facebook and Instagram. For those who do not use these networks and want to follow Schoenstatt life, it is difficult to access and participate in some events, especially the daily Mass.

Mirtha was very happy when a few days ago I sent her the link for the webcam of the Original Shrine, where she could see and participate in the daily Mass in Spanish.

Since then, in the solitude of her apartment, she “visits” the Original Shrine every day and she participates in the Mass celebrated by Father Pablo Pol. In addition, she has organized all her religious activity throughout the day through her television, her computer and her cell phone. Who said that older adults do not adapt to the technological changes of the 21st century? We must motivate them, explain to them with a little time and patience and thus integrate them into the rhythm of modern life.

The phrase that motivated this story

A while ago I spoke to her on the phone and she told me a phrase that motivated me to tell her story:

“Today I thought that for a long time I accompanied Fr. Pablo by assisting him in the sacristy. Today, he accompanies me, alone in my home, with the Mass that he celebrates each day in the Original Shrine”.


We have an anchor: by his cross we have been saved.
We have a rudder: by his cross we have been redeemed.
We have a hope: by his cross we have been healed and embraced so that nothing and no one can separate us from his redeeming love. ”.

Pope Francis, 27.03.2020


Original: Spanish 28.03.20. Translated by: Maria Aragón, Monterrey, México.

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