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I loved the crowning as Queen of Health

ARGENTINA, Diana Hernández •

It is in moments of crisis that creativity is born, grows and develops. Hundreds of Masses, Rosaries, Stations of the Cross, messages on line… Thanks to the disposition of so many priests we are living these graces. —

It is an original way of living communion in this “quarantine”, in Lent.

The initiative of the Spanish family, to which we are all invited, to crown the Blessed Mother as Queen of physical and spiritual health, is to place everything in her hands and also to tell her: We are here to serve you, Mother!

This initiative and the difficult times we are going through today, reminded me of the crowning of our home shrine. In February 2013, my husband Carlos was diagnosed with cancer, united to the Blessed Mother we went through the months until his death on November 10 of that year, with calm and peace; it was the very special gift of our Blessed Mother.


Queen of our home.

On July 18, we held the coronation of our home shrine. Part of that prayer reads: “Mother and Queen of our heart, as your son, Father Joseph Kentenich, did, in these two crowns: the wooden crown of “Paso Mayor” and the crown of “Tabor”, we want to express our gratitude, our confidence in your power and our availability, as instruments in your hands, to take you to our most needy brothers and sisters.

There we prayed and offered. We read the Gospel and Carlos received communion every Sunday until November when he left for the Father’s house. He could not travel to the shrine in “Paso Mayor” every week, as he usually did, but the home shrine was his strength and confidence.

Lord, now I can rest on your chest according to the deep desire of my heart.

Humanly speaking, it is difficult to go through situations of pain. The pain is there, but in her hand, in the hand of our Mother, everything has another color, another meaning, and it allows us to remember that in spite of the difficulty there are other brothers who still need us, as in this quarantine.

He left his book of Heavenwards – which he read the morning of his death – marked in the prayer After Holy Communion: “Just as you prepared a home for yourself in your Mother-Bride when she spoke her Fiat, you have filled my heart with richness. I may rest, Lord, upon your breast entirely to my heart’s delight…” (Heavenwards. After Holy Communion).

When we work with her we are always ready for combat, we know that we will rest in her lap.

This is how we say in the face of this pandemic, together with the Spanish Family: “Queen of health, pray for us. Queen of Health, count on us”.

Queen of Health, pray for us.
Queen of Health, count on us.

Original: Spanish 03.21.20.  Translation by Maria Aragon, Monterrey, México.

Queen of physical and spiritual health

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