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In Covenant Solidarity with Italy

Maria Fischer •

An earthquake measuring 6.2 hit central Italy in the early hours of this Wednesday morning. The earthquake, which happened in the mountainous Rieti region near Perugia could also be felt even in Rome. It is feared that the so far confirmed death toll of 37 will rise. Many people are still buried in the ruins of their houses. Let us pray for the victims, their families and friend, the doctors and all who are hastening at this moment to assist the people in their fear and need.

Covenant solidarity with Italy – a Hail Mary, a candle in our shrines, a moment in which the suffering touch our hearts.

One report states that the earthquake was also felt in Rome and the Vatican. It will certainly be felt in all hearts that, like Mary, are sensitive to every suffering.

On account of the terrible destruction in middle Italy, Pope Frances has transferred his Wednesday catechesis at the General Audience to next week. Instead he will pray a decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary with the pilgrims and visitors on St Peter’s Square. “I can do nothing else than give expression to my great pain and my closeness to all the people there who have lost their lives, and those who are still shaken by fear and anxiety”, the Pope said in a brief address.

A powerful sign to simply suspend the catechesis and General Audience, to interrupt the day’s work and allow the suffering of the people to pass through one’s own heart. Perhaps one or the other will also manage today, even if only for a minute, to pray an Ave. We would then be like Mary.


Original: Spanish. Translation: Mary Cole, Manchester, UK

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