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Praying for the victims of Lahore, their families, friends, doctors…

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Again. Again deaths, injured, desperate families,  horrified friends. This time, in Lahore, in Pakistan and just at Easter. At least 65 people are dead and more than 300 seriously injured after the suicide attack on this Easter Sunday.

A heavy explosion in the parking lot of a park in the metropolis of Lahore. The explosive device detonated very close to the children’s swings. The park and the parking lot are full of families. Most of the dead are children and their mothers.

The Taliban have confessed that the attack was meant to attack Christians today as they celebrate Easter.

Let us pray in our Shrines for the victims of this dreadful attack on the highest feast of our faith. O Cross of Christ, also today we see you … in this park and in the hospitals of Lahore …

God have mercy on your people.




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