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Massive Fires in Cape Town – a moment of Covenant Solidarity

SOUTH AFRICA, Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Maria Fischer. The Schoenstatt Sisters at Constantia have been evacuated early in the morning of March 4, as firefighters are focusing their efforts on Noordhoek, Clovelly and Tokai this morning as well as assisting Groot Constantia residents evacuate as the flames fan out towards their doorsteps.  The massive blaze broke out in Muizenberg on Sunday, prompting evacuations from houses and retirement homes. Scores of people have also been treated for smoke inhalation this week. The entire mountain range south of Table Mountain is on fire…


Extremely high temperatures and then a very strong wind set large areas of the mountain range to the south of Table Mountain on fire on Sunday, and made the fires spread rapidly to surrounding areas.  Over 300 firefighters have been working almost non-stop since Sunday, but just when the fire seems under control on one side, it starts somewhere else.   Meanwhile, firefighters who have been battling the massive blaze say they’re overwhelmed by all the generosity of the public. Donations are streaming for exhausted emergency crews and those who have been affected by the fire. It is in moments of extreme need, that humanity`s best quality, solidarity, proves to be the force that creates heroes… and a better world.

In Covenant Solidarity

Let us go on a pilgrimage of covenant solidarity to the shrines in Cape Town… Let us pray for strength for the fire fighters, for rain to fall in the right places and for the South Easterly wind that is expected later not to reignite fires that had already been doused or burn new areas.

Let us pray in thanksgiving that no lives have been lost yet and only a few homes.

Let us be in Covenant Solidarity with Cape Town. Now. From our shrines.


Schoenstatt Sisters return home — By late this afternoon, the billowing clouds of smoke began to subside as firefighters brought the fire in the pine forest under control.  They also managed to gain control of the fire in the Constantia area.  The Schoenstatt Sisters were able to return home at around 5pm this afternoon.

We contintue to pray that the south east wind that is expected tomorrow won’t re-ignite the smouldering ashes.

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3 Responses

  1. Marylene villasis says:

    I trust your might your kindness mother dear…..

    With heartfelt love and confidence our prayers are with you.

  2. Sister Lisette, Western Australia says:

    Dear Sisters,
    Our Prayers are with you in this critical time.
    Schoenstatt Sisters, Armadale, W.A.

  3. Ann Dentice says:

    We are praying for you and for an end of this terrible fire.
    "Mother takes perfect care"

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