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Return of the website– lost (for a short time) but quickly found

ITALY, by Federico Bauml and Pamela Fabiano •

18 September 2016, is an important date for the Schoenstatt Family since it marks the return of the Italian website to the International

Youths’ challenge for’s Italian website

At the end of July, the Italian website was no longer up-dated due to an unforeseen shortage of translators of goodwill to translate news received in other languages and because of a lack of Italian news editors.

Well, after many meetings, conversations, and above all, after the excitement of the World Youth Day experience in Krakow, the Italian-Roman Boys’ and Girls’ Youth decided to assume the honor of being the new editors of the website.

Thus the website is reborn with a young editorial team at its helm willing to face a new challenge, with gratitude to those preceding them.  Perhaps it will be difficult, but it will be fascinating and motivational. What competence and willingness will be necessary to do the best possible, with dedication and attention?


An Italian website’s importance

The very idea Schoenstatt’s world network would not speak Italian, affected us very much.  The worldwide life of the Church has so much to say in Dante’s beautiful language.  In Rome, the Argentinean Pope expresses all his greatness in Italian!   Here, bishops, missionaries, founders and presidents of Movements and new Communities, students of the pontifical universities, who come from all over the world, speak and converse in Italian, our language, about the future of the Church.  In short, a Schoenstatt website in Italian provides a great service to the Church. As an international Church Movement, we could not be left behind.

With Maria’s seal of approval

maria-tedeschi-2We now begin to follow in the footsteps of a Christian history’s long tradition of taking those who have shown us Jesus as role models.  The first one, is our “Honorary Leader of Editing” Maria Tedeschi, mother of our beloved Fr. Ludovico,  who returned to the House of the Father on 4 August, to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

We are sure that Maria, an Italian who arrived in Argentina after World War I and who dedicated so many years translating many of Fr. Kentenich’s texts and all the news that arrived from the all over the world to our website, is looking at us and encouraging us from above, because she believes in us and she supports us.

She accompanies us with her smile and her distinctive Emiliano* accent on this new adventure.


Original: Italian. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

(*) NT  “Emiliano”: typical accent of the  Emilia Romagna region in northern Italy



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