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A very promising meeting for the House Mother of Tupãrenda

PARAGUAY, Roberto González • 

After the Christmas and New Year visits to the Educational Center of Itauguá, some interesting conversations with Father Pedro about the children and about the House Mother of Tupãrenda came up. —

Normally January in Paraguay is vacation season and the Judicial break in the Judiciary, but in the second half of January the minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, Prof. Dr. Luis María Benítez Riera, second vice president of the Supreme Court of Justice and president of the Criminal Chamber (both for the period 2021-2022), with whom I have the privilege of working, was at the Palace of Justice doing office work, and I took the opportunity to request an audience with him.

The hearing was set for January 20 at the Palace of Justice in Asunción. Father Pedro and I arrived to meet with the Minister to discuss the results of these five years of work at the House and some perspectives and ideas for the future.

The meeting was so pleasant and fruitful that the Minister himself proposed the signing of an agreement between the Supreme Court of Justice and the House Mother of Tupãrenda in the work of reinsertion of adolescents in conflict with the criminal law, as well as a visit to the house, which took place the following week. 

Palacio de Justicia

Visit to the House Mother of Tupãrenda

On Wednesday, January 26, at eight o’clock that morning, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Dr. Cesar Diesel Junghanns, and the second vice-president, Prof. Dr. Luis Maria Benitez Riera, arrived at the house to begin the visit with a breakfast, where the project and some experiences of the first years of the program were presented. Of course, at the table there were baked goods prepared at home by the participants of the program.

After breakfast and already knowing about the project, they toured the facilities where the training activities are developed and said hello to the participants, who were working in the different areas of the house.

This meeting at the house and the presentation of the project represent a very important step in the consolidation of strategic allies to strengthen institutional support and continue working for the future of the adolescents participating in the program.

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Original: Spanish 2022-02-09. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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