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With mouth guards, lots of care and help, the CMT reopens its doors!

PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich •

Thanks to the “Intelligent Quarantine” decreed by the government of Paraguay, on Monday, May 4th, we re-opened the doors of the CMT  (Casa Madre de Tuparenda/House Mother of Tuparenda), “reinventing” ourselves to be able to continue giving the opportunity to our adult participants to rejoin the program and thus, together, to be able to accentuate the production of baked goods in the bakery and of mouth guards (so much in demand at this time of COVID-19) in the area of Industrial Confection. On the other hand, we started the work in the garden with the cleaning of the boards, to reactivate the production of vegetables and later also sell them. All of this new adventure is to raise funds to support the House.—


It’s good to be back!

We started the week with a group of four participants. Each week another group will be incorporated randomly, thus avoiding crowding in the work areas, following the indications of the health measure.

They were eager to resume the activities in their respective areas, to see their classmates. They came back really happy, grateful for the effort that each person is making so that the CMT continues to give opportunities to many young people. Such was the enthusiasm that they “threw themselves” into the garden, the bakery and the sewing, and every smile (behind the masks), every look, every gesture and word showed: It’s good to be back here!


Stay home… stay in four plastic walls held up by sticks…

It is really admirable and worthy of congratulate these young people, because it is not easy to comply with the “stay at home” when most of them live in extreme poverty and their “houses” are four plastic walls, supported by 4 sticks and a sheet metal roof, and when they were left with the uncertainty of what would happen now with this COVID-19 situation, so uncertain for everyone.

But once again they placed all their confidence in the words that each one of the educators of CMT have told them and repeated daily: “During this time of quarantine stay at home, CMT will not abandon you, in one way or another we will be at your side, you should not lack food, trust, let us pray that the Blessed Mother will help us” and truly this has been “the beacon of hope” for each one of them to overcome this challenge.


They don’t have any more wine

And she, the Mother of God, is always present as a great sign of hope, telling her Son again “they have no more wine”. And here, Jesus turned the water into food, which through the group of the Family Work “Merciful Rainbow”, from Itauguá, arrived just in time to be delivered on April 30th. Once again she does not allow herself to be won over in generosity when it comes to her weaker children…

“They have no more wine” was also the call that the “usual” benefactors in Germany and Switzerland, who already feel part of CMT, heard. There were also generous souls who, for the first time, let themselves be touched by the desire of these young people who want to leave behind their history of abuse, abandonment and robbery, to begin a new life. During the month of April, only via the platform “Betterplace“, more than 1500 euros of donations arrived, to which the organizers of this fundraising platform added about 35 euros to help with the pandemic.

One afternoon, a German elderly lady called Maria Fischer; when Maria asked her: “How are you? I hope you are healthy…” the lady replied: “That is not why I am calling. I want to know how our young people are in our House in Tuparenda… and if you still have the same bank account for donations”. Yes, that was the answer, yes, they are fine, they receive food and accompaniment, and yes, there is still the same account. That very same day the account was filled with a generous donation.


Mother of these young people, count on us.

By placing our trust in Her and in the concrete generosity of so many people here and beyond the ocean, we renew our:

“Yes Mother, here we are, count on us” to continue to be a small reflection of you, a beacon of hope in the lives of our young people.

Father Pedro Kühlcke prays at each Holy Mass for each one of the benefactors, their families and friends.


Not only to dream about the renewal of the world

If the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement, if we, therefore, do not introduce ourselves with strength and vigor into the gears of the time when we have the opportunity to do so, we will only have dreamt a beautiful dream of renewal of the world. We speak of the moral renewal of the world. Justice and love are part of the moral code; therefore we should collaborate so that the social problems of our environment are resolved.

Hence the longing for the saints who will give an answer to the social question, for those human beings who being well united to God inwardly, being anchored in God, also have the courage to transform the world into a covenant with God and to lead men and women to God, to Christ and to the church”.

Fr. Joseph Kentenich, 1927 (Zur sozialen Frage), In: Desafío Social, p. 136/137


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Original: Spanish 2020-05-14. Translated by: Maria Aragón, Monterrey, México

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