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CMT, only for the brave

PARAGUAY, Ricardo Acosta •

“CMT, only for the brave”. The slogan, which echoed in recent days at Casa Madre de Tuparenda (CMT), describes the experiences of 5 June with two new graduates of the program. The two brave youngsters did not give up, but conquered all of the challenges they faced to complete the 9-month course, and they are currently working, one in a supermarket, and the other at a reinforced cement factory.—


Ricardo Acosta

Fr. Pedro has often said that CMT is a program for those who really decide to change their lives, and through them, their families as well. There is a refrain from one of the prayers in “Heavenwards” that describes this situation: “What you are and do affects their lives, determines their misfortune and increases their happiness” (No 471, Heavenwards). The positive transformation that take place within a participant or graduate is always felt by those closest to them: mom, dad, siblings, girlfriend, and those they live with on a daily basis. But they also cannot be forced to change. Very often, they need to leave the program, hit rock bottom and “return home like the prodigal son, to find themselves alone and without anyone to give them a hand, offer them a plate of food, clean clothes to wear, and no one to ask how they’re doing…CMT responds to this great need that this group suffer.

Fr. Pedro Kühlcke, Ani Souberlich

It is the grace of transformation, in the most concrete and tangible ways

In that sense, when one or two manage to complete the 9 months, it fills us with joy, because behind that achievement, which may seem insignificant to some but not for us who have witnessed the steps taken, are many changes within the teenager, the acquisition of habits, social skills, the ability to honor agreements, etc. In other words, the transformation can be seen in concrete actions and whatever is possible for each one, according to their abilities and capacity, “what is impossible with man is possible with God” (Lk 18:27). The Queen of Casa Madre, the Blessed Mother, always acts when something seems impossible in our eyes and by our hands. She offers graces from her shrine and the impossible becomes possible and transforms the heart. Therefore, we, as her instruments, must be connected to the source of grace, the Shrine.


We already have 27 brave youngsters

The family and friends of the graduates were present, and gave testimony to the great changes they have seen in the two and the enormous joy they feel in seeing them look so elegant and enjoying their new efforts, because both have already found jobs and are already helping with the needs of their homes.

There are already 27 youngsters who decided to be brave and chose a new life, a life that we will continue to accompany closely and for a long time to come, so that they can be true examples showing that whoever wants to change their lives, really can do it.



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Original: Spanish, 9 June. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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