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Ten years of fecundity and dedication in the madrugadas (early mornings) of Cordoba

ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa •

The Madrugadores, in Cordoba, gathered last night at the Eucharist to celebrate their first ten years since that November 17, 2012 when they began their early mornings of prayer and, since then, their biweekly meetings have never been interrupted. As they say, “many of us have not come to all the madrugadas but MARY… She has never missed any of them!”. Fr. Juan José Riba, currently 700 km from Cordoba, did not want to miss the event and celebrated a heartfelt Mass of thanksgiving.

Inside… hotter than outside!

These days in Cordoba one can feel the very near arrival of summer and, in the hours before the Mass, the weather reminded us of it… with more than 36 degrees Celsius! Minutes before the beginning, a soft and cool breeze made the evening very pleasant. Hearts were calming down after so many demonstrations of joy and the temperature was adding to the indoor climate. Two new allies and 23 who renewed their Covenant of Love with Mary in the front rows, gave the celebration a very special touch, in which their families were present.

madrugadores córdoba

Male commitment and zeal

In his homily, Fr. Juan José Riba highlighted the loves that men enjoy: that of grandfathers, husbands and fathers. All of them “cross” masculinity and give that tenderness that moves the heart towards eternal Love. He emphasized the commitment of each man to the community and that of the male community to God, highlighting the Fidelity (with capital letters) of Mary throughout the history of Madrugadores of Córdoba.

He invited those present, and especially the two new allies, to live clinging to Mary in all circumstances, even in the stormiest times. She is always victorious!

Projection and growth

Of those first five (four of them can be seen in the photo, as the fifth is in heaven), today there are more than 150 madrugadores in different parishes who meet with “the 3 M’s” (Mass, table (mesa) and mission) and dream of continuing to grow. This increase in the number of men in their lines is not simply a matter of numbers, but of bringing more hearts closer to Mary so that she may shelter them, transform them and send them apostolically to the service of her Son.

The experience shared by so many and the joy that can be seen on their faces, often after years of not experiencing it, is very strong, because… Mary can do anything!

Madrugada Córdoba

10th Anniversary Madrugada!

Original: Spanish 2022-11-19. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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