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Human messengers of God. Messengers, saviors and companions

GERMANY, Pedro M. Dillinger •

In the last few days we have celebrated the Archangels and the Guardian Angels. They are messengers, saviors and companions on our journey through life. In the “Männerwerkstatt” (men’s workshop) on October 2nd we asked ourselves: which people were messengers, saviors and companions on our path? One of our participants led us through this/his path. —

“He radiated joy, imagination, paternal closeness and good nature, he awakened my interest…his simplicity opened the door for me…gateway to the men’s work (Schoenstatt Men’s League).”

With an emotive voice, he recounted his experience with this man, which is deeply rooted in her heart.

A second person who became his savior and companion was his father. A simple, conscientious, humble, not too pious, organist… faithful man.

In particular it was his father’s faithfulness and love for “praising God” that left a lasting impression on him. As a freelancer, he could plan his daily routine with great freedom. All it took was one request, one phone call, and he was there, playing the organ, up to 535 times a year.

“I hardly ever saw my father pray, I was fascinated by his availability to be there, to serve, his faithful performance of his duty… These were and are my guardrails in my stumbling walk with God.”

A journey, exchange, impulses, prayer, singing, harmony… Then, on the fly, a discussion begins, tempers flare, irreconcilable positions clash with each other…

Without words, someone puts a chair in the way. “A moment of encounter – invitation – to sit down again – inner peace is contagious. I take a seat, the account is settled and I stay, until today.”

These testimonies helped us to converse, to share our experience with the God of life and his amazing dialogue with us.


Photo: Pedro M. Dillinger

Original: Spanish 2022-10-07. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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