Peregrinación de los pueblos

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After two years back in presence: the pilgrimage of towns and villages


The 40th edition of the Pilgrimage of Towns and Villages with the Blessed Mother will take place on October 14th and 15th. This year, the motto is “Mother, may Christ give us his peace.” The restrictions demanded by the Argentinean government due to the Covid 19 pandemic forced the program to be suspended for two years. This year, 2022, thousands of pilgrims will once again set out with the Blessed Mother to walk the 90 kilometers of faith that connect the town of Hasenkamp with the Shrine of La Loma, in the city of Paraná, Entre Rios Province.

Peregrinación de los Pueblos

The organizing team writes on the website of the Pilgrimage of Towns and Villages:

In 2019 we said goodbye in La Loma, not knowing that in 2020 we would face the challenge of going on pilgrimage from home the following year, but with our hearts on the road and with firm faith. In 2021, we dreamed of the re-encounter, but again it was only virtual, but this time with the possibility of accompanying the Blessed Mother digitally on her way in the car from the wayside shrine in Hasenkamp to the Shrine in Paraná.

The year 2022 has arrived, and with it, we are finally on the road again to meet and to travel together the kilometers that do not separate us, but unite and console us. It is time to set out with her again, celebrating that this year marks 40 years that a group of friends decided to make a gift of love to the Blessed Mother and walk the 90 kilometers that separate the Wayside Shrine from the Shrine.

Mother, may Christ give us his peace

We set out to meet our Mother under the motto “Mother, may Christ give us his peace,” that peace that is so necessary to live as true children of God in a time of personal, social, and perhaps spiritual conflict, in which we need our Mother Mary to comfort and protect us with her infinite love and to give us the peace of her Son so that we can fulfill the will of the Lord.

In this time a cruel war is raging, cruel like all wars. There are people, brothers and sisters, who are suffering, and the world must not look away (…).

Today we ask Mary to give us peace so that we too can be a part of history, remembered with a smile, to be in the place that our brothers and sisters need and that she shows us.

May the Virgin Mary give us the peace of her Son Jesus as we accept the daily cross in humility, purity and obedience to the will of the Father.

Dear pilgrims, we hope that we will meet again along the way and walk together through these months of preparation to arrive on the day of the meeting with our hearts and souls imbued with the love of Mary and the peace of Christ.

Peregrinación de los Pueblos

This is how we remember this pilgrimage on foot: 2019

Hundreds of stories

3,013 kilometers traveled in 40 years, 912 hours shared, promises, dreams, gratitude, as many stories as pilgrims, multiplied by the years traveled is a number we cannot reproduce. They are experiences, emotions, encounters and farewells beyond our comprehension.

The pilgrimage of the towns and villages is just that, “of the people from the towns and villages” along this route of 90 kilometers, and it is the story of the communities and people who have made this wonderful physical and spiritual pilgrimage at the hand of our Mother, guided by the Holy Spirit and sustained by Christ.

In preparation for the 40th pilgrimage, we invite you to share personal stories about your experiences over the years.

We invite you to share your story, your memories, a story, so that together we can reconstruct a little of those 40 years, because this pilgrimage belongs to every pilgrim, to every staff member, to those who pass us on the road and honk to encourage us to go on, to the neighbors, who come out with a jug of water, who applaud us or put up a sign, the mothers and fathers who pray for their walking children at home, the grandmother who lights a candle, the priest you confessed to on the road, the stranger who helped you get there. This pilgrimage is all of us.

Peregrinación de los Pueblos

This is how we remember it: 2019

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Video 40th pilgrimage of towns and villages – 90 km from Hasenkamp to La Loma

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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