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Feedback from CIEES Mexico

MÉXICO, Ramón Ruiz and Selene Chávez •

On 18 May, we had the opportunity to participate in the First Congress for the International Community of Schoenstatt Businessmen and Executives (CIEES) in Mexico [in Spanish], which took place in Monterrey, Nuevo León. —

We travelled from Querétaro, feeling that it would be an excellent opportunity to hear the testimonies of other people who take God daily into the world of work and discover how to transmit and live our covenant of love through our colleagues, with whom we spend the largest part of our day.


There’s a lot of work to be done

We returned home very motivated to learn more about Fr. Joseph Kentenich’s pedagogy and apply it to our companies, among our clients and suppliers, such that our work shrines can motivate us to offer ordinary work activities in an extraordinary way each day, thus collaborating with Schoenstatt’s mission: the Marian renewal of the world in Christ. We became aware of our privileged position to affect the world of work and that there’s a lot of work to be done.



The value of work

We had the opportunity to deepen our bonds with other business people and executives from different parts of the country, to learn about the challenges that their companies face in living the covenant of love and the positive way in which this affects their colleagues. We also discovered that our Personal ideal is connected to the world of work and that the family will always be the engine that drives us to live organically within our company as well.

We are grateful for the experience and we once again confirmed how our work is an extraordinarily fruitful means for our own sanctification and from which we can prove with concrete actions that we love our dear Blessed Mother.


Original: Spanish, 21 June. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa


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