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Wedding, a moment – Marriage, a Project

GERMANY, Tobias Büdel •

The relationship between two partners is like a campfire. With the first spark of love the flame begins to burn. Yet, without regular replenishment of the logs, the blazing fire will diminish over time. The Wedding-REVIVAL should become such a log for marriage – new breeding ground for the flames of love.

It is easy to describe the added value of the wedding REVIVAL in Dietershausen with this metaphor. Ten couples were able to enjoy an intimate four-course menu from chef Enrico Meder – with00 romantic candlelight and at lovingly decorated tables in the Spiritual Center Schoenstatt in the diocese of Fulda. For the participants it was an intense time for two – without distraction, without the pressure from any deadlines.

Shaping a common house for life

The Candle-Light-Dinner complemented the contribution of the speaker-couple Yvonne and Johannes Lorenz quite amusingly and vividly with the topic “Wedding, a moment – marriage, a project”. They took the couples on a journey from the day of their marriage to the present day after several months or years of living together. The guests were encouraged to reflect again and again on the moment of the wedding and as stated in the marriage vows to love, respect and honour each other in everyday life, all the more to create the common house of life with God’s help and to continue to work on it.


Speaker couple Lorenz

Blessings and more

After the dinner, the couples accepted the invitation to visit the Branch Shrine. They then had the opportunity to receive a personal blessing from Regens Dirk Gärtner, which the couples gladly accepted.

An open end of the evening was offered by the possibility for dancing and relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere with good music.

What’s left: Thankful couples who felt spoiled, lastly because of the good food and the friendly service by volunteers!


Original: German, 15.05.2019. Translation: Lindsay Burger, Ohio, USA

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