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Now also in English and German: the website of House Mother of Tuparenda

PARAGUAY, Maria Fischer •

It was during my last visit to the  House Mother of Tuparenda (CMT), on that day in September 2018, when it occurred to me to promise to internationalize the brand new official website of Fundaprova, which presents the socio-educational project “Mother House of Tuparenda”. With Mirta Etchegaray, Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Claudia Echenique and Johannes Link we worked hard and a bit longer than calculated,  and today we can proudly present a page that, in addition to the original Spanish, also has a German and an English version, completely with News Feed and possibilities of online donations and via bank transfer.—

“The MTA will reward you with more than enough,” commented Ana Maria Acha, president of Fundaprova. “More than ever we need donations to build the structure for the commercial part of our products”. Ani Souberlich, director of the House Mother of Tuparenda, says: “In the name of Fundaprova and CMT, a thousand graces and may the Blessed Mother return 100% in grace and blessing for the gift of being able to have our page also in English and German”, and Father Pedro Kühlcke comments: “Thank you very much and blessings for all those who collaborated!

All invited to share

The collaboration does not end here… Now, with the page in English and German, the project can be disseminated also outside the Latin American context. To conquer benefactors, and even more to show a project of Kentenich pedagogy on the periphery, to show a work of mercy in the shadow of the Shrine, to show a Schoenstatt in real and solidary service to the most needy, the most forgotten, the most marginalized: youth with a “criminal career”, youth with prison histories, youth labeled as many times as totally lost… Youth, who when they are loved as they are, they are transformed….

I remember this last visit to House Mother of Tuparenda in September 2018. One of the young people, Emilio, who was studying horticulture, proudly showed me the young plants. What is it, he asked me with a big smile? “Lettuce?” I replied with a large question mark in the voice. Emilio almost laughed himself to death with this German lady who apparently knew nothing about plants. “It’s cabbage,” he said, “cabbage!” Then, with professional patience, he explained to me which the parsley plants are, dill, and yes, also lettuce… “Have you learned anything from me now, Maria? “Yes, Emilio, I learned from you,” I replied, and not just how to identify cabbage and parsley plants. I learned a lot, a lot more.

May the trilingual page of Fundaprova help to learn a lot from these young people and from this great team that shows them that they are beloved children of God, and that they have a potential that only needs a field like that of CMT to develop.


Original: Spanish,10.03.2019. Translation: Melissa Janknegt., Elgin, USA/mf

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