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Just breathe – Silent Religious Retreats for Leaders


“What does God want me to say?” There is often not enough time in everyday life to set ourselves apart with this question. The International Kentenich Academy for Leaders (IKAF) has therefore invited – for the first time this year – under the title “Just breathe” to a silent religious retreat for leaders at the Schoenstatt Center on the mountain in Memhoelz in the Allgaeu region.—

It started on the 1st Sunday of Advent and ended on the day of St. Nicholas – a very special and intensive start to Advent. Overall eleven people took four days, in order to grant themselves the free space to trace their own roots as well as their relationship to their soul.

As retreat master, Schoenstatt Father Michael Hagan opened up to the participants the precious and fascinating way of contemplating Father Kentenich, which helps to trace the life processes and thoughts in the soul. The participants were able to follow the question “Where am I touched?” in a rhythmic and supportive daily routine. Everyone was invited to go into seclusion with their hearts and to freely design their quiet time. In this way, participants could listen to themselves, let that come up and/or encounter what is there and what wants to be contemplated. By writing down and dealing with these thoughts, everyone could focus on the points that were important to them.

Accepting one’s own life processes and giving incriminating thoughts to God with the request for transformation brought everyone into an exchange with him and set in motion a process of growth for their souls. All participants were impressed by the intensity and atmosphere and enjoyed the free time and the delicious food.

“I have experienced the healing effect of contemplation and am now going home more calm and strengthened with much more clarity in my heart,” summarized one participant in the final round. In doing so, he spoke for the others from the soul.


Original: German, 09.12.2018 Translation: Lindsay Burger, Munich, Germany

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