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Striving for the heights through the Family training program

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On Sunday, January 21, 2018, the Schoenstatt Academy for Family Pedagogy at Kahlenberg celebrated receiving their diplomas upon graduating the two-year family training program. At 2pm in the parish church Linz-St. Paul Pichling, Bishop Dr. Manfred Scheuer from Linz presided during a festive Mass with a missionary sendoff celebration and an additional social program.—

Isabella and Michael Lemmé held the greeting.  They led and organized the Family Training Course that ran from  5 March 2016 to 14 January 2018. The participants benefited from the expert couple’s many years of experience and practical knowledge.

Above all, the undisturbed “couple’s talks” after each motivation demonstrated the outstanding quality of the training.  This time, six married couples and a nun completed the training to become family trainers.

The Eva and Erich Berger family (head of the Academy of Family Pedagogy) offered further greeting and Pastor Fr. Manfred Krautsieder (parish Pichling), who asked the graduates to continue striving for growth even after receiving their diploma.  Afterwards the new family coaches introduced themselves with short statements to those attending this celebration.

Diocesan Bishop Manfred Scheuer gave the motivational lecture “Family – a central ray in the love of Christ.”  The Mass began with Bishop Scheuer officiating the missionary sendoff celebration and graduation ceremony.

He gave the family trainers the following impressive picture for their future path:

“A climbing community is bound together, because sometimes it can mean life or death.  A rope “binds” the individual, without doubt.  But it also helps to safely overcome steep walls and assail the  heights.  Everyone gains freedom and security with the help of the rope, but they also help guarantee it to the other person.  I think that love is also to be understood as a bond in this sense.

Therefore isn’t marriage something like a rope that allows people to climb high?  There are bonds that set you free.  If you do not dare, you will never really experience such freedom.”


Pass on your own experiences

“For more than twenty years, we have successfully accompanied married couples in the courses in Upper Austria.  We are always pleased with the appreciative feedback from the couples that tell us how the training has had a positive effect on their family life.

As family trainers, the couple’s joy in partnership and parenting helps them to promote and sustain the nucleus of our social life – the family.  Since the academy’s beginning, today’s situation shows that the need for this unique pedagogy offered in Austria continues,” said Isabella and Michael Lemmé (Academy for Family Pedagogy / Upper Austria).

“After completing the training as a family trainer, we are pleased to pass on our positive experience. The course gave us many valuable motivations and strengthened our cooperation with each other.  The course times were time-outs for the whole family. We can only recommend this training, “said Ursula and Hannes Allerstorfer, graduates of the” Linz 10″ course.

The buffet, which Family Training Course Linz 9 thankfully richly provided, was then tackled with great gusto.  The parish hall was also invitingly prepared with bar tables and table decorations, creating an atmosphere where interesting encounters and discussions took place. An accompanying couple, Theresia and Hans Edlinger, led the guests through the program.


From left to right: Pastor Mag. Manfred Krautsieder (parish Pichling), couple Theresia and Hans Edlinger (companion couple), couple Isabella and Michael Lemmé (Academy of Family Pedagogy, head of Upper Austria), diocesan Bishop Dr. Manfred Scheuer next to him Eva and Erich Berger (Academy for Family Pedagogy / Austria).

Course start for family trainers

At the end of March 2018, the Academy for Family Pedagogy in the Jugendgästehaus Mondsee again will offer the coveted two-year family instructor training.

Information and registration with Isabella and Michael Lemmé at [email protected]

The “Academy for Family Pedagogy, Schoenstatt at Kahlenberg” was designed in 1991 by the Austrian Schoenstatt Movement as the world’s first family academy and has been continuously developed ever since. Courses have been offered since 1992 in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Brazil and the Czech Republic.

Further information: (German only)


Isabella and Michael Lemmé (Academy for Family Pedagogy, head of Upper Austria) with the graduates


Original: German, 04.02.2018 Translation: Lindsay Burger, Munich, Germany. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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