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“It is good to be here” Providencia’s Four Keys

URUGUAY, Juan Andrés Nopitsch •

The most important week for “Providencia” Educational Center in Montevideo Uruguay took place in October, for Providencia’s anniversary was celebrated along with celebrating the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother and Teacher.

The week was filled with activities and emotions. This year the celebration centered on the Four Keys that identify the Educational Center, the four traits that we have and want to live on a daily basis.

Family Experience

One trait is living the “Experience of Family,” and this was very much present throughout the week. In the day-to-day life of the Center, families have a central place. We do not consider the education without the work being enacted together. For this reason, our first activity was a Maintenance Gathering, where the large Providencia Family (little children from the school’s Children’s Club, the Youth Center, their families, educators, and volunteers) met to leave the Educational Center in perfect condition. “We painted, we trimmed, we revised and ironed out material in the speedball, and we fixed the dumpster among other things.” Every detail and “little corner” was taken care of and to leave it beautiful,” Damían Restuccia, the Center’s psychologist, commented. “A beautiful work atmosphere was generated. Something that stood out was in the maintenance gathering; families had the opportunity to work together. Parents and children shared a time for the work, and along with this they talked, laughed, and looked at one another.” Damían added.

Missionary Dynamic

Another key of the Center has to do with the Missionary Dynamic. Everything beautiful that we experience, and have, has to be shared. This key gave us the idea to go out through the neighborhood on Mission. A group of teens and educators visited the neighborhood’s residents with the objective of dedicating some time for encounter, and whoever wished to could share a prayer of thanksgiving or prayer to God for something concrete.

Mutual Transformation

Undoubtedly it was a mobilizing and enriching experience for everyone where another of Providencia’s Keys was put into play: Mutual Transformation. The gathering ended with the Eucharist; the children, their families, friends, educators and the neighbors from the neighborhood participated.


Finally throughout the week, we experienced the Key that speaks to us about encounter, and without a doubt, it was felt strongly in the cultural act that closed the Blessed Mother’s Week. During this journey, we welcomed Cardinal Sturla, who gave us his blessing and said, “I experience what happened to St. Peter when he told Jesus on Mount Tabor, ‘it is good to be here.’” And he said, “Every time I come to visit Providencia, I feel very good. So we have this beautiful celebration to celebrate everything beautiful that “Provi” has to offer. To thank the Blessed Mother, the Mother who we all love and like.”

Then there were different artistic numbers in which the workshop Children’s Skate Club presented a choreography and the school choir sang. The Youth Center participated with their percussion workshop, and the Children’s Club presented a mime and circus show that made everyone laugh.

A week when we encountered each other as a family, a week when we celebrated one more year of Providencia. A year when we shared many meaningful moments, when we made a lot of friends, when we met the educators that marked us, when we allowed ourselves to be surprised, and we admired the youngest member of the house. A year when our lives were transformed and grew. May we share this together for many more years!

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Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA


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