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“Miracle of love”– Forta in Tucumán

ARGENTINA/PARAGUAY, Stella and Víctor Domínguez •

During the first days of September, a desire born in the “Family” Tent of Covenant Culture during Jubilee 2014 in Schoenstatt, Germany, was fulfilled when a couple from Tucumán (Argentina), Gaby and Benjamín Sosa López, visited the Paraguay Stand. They became interested in two projects we presented: Hope Ministry born in Paraguay and Forta [Marriage Strengthening] originating in Mexico.

On the same day, there where the source of the Covenant of Love emerged, we met Fr. Ludovico Tedeschi, and he asked us for the same thing: “I want Forta for Tucumán”. We had no doubt Fr. Kentenich wanted this “miracle of love” for the Tucumán couples.

Brave pioneers

After an exchange of phone calls, in June 2015, Gaby and Benja sent Pierina and Sergio Albornoz and Edda and Rubén Avila were the first two couples from Tucuman to experience a Forta weekend in Corrientes, Argentina, where it already existed. The following couples, Belén and Renzo Svalutto, and Mónica and Fernando Novillo came to Paraguay for the November 2015 weekend.

These four brave couples, along with Fr. Ludovico, began to organize everything, and from Asunción, we supported the organization. Then in February of this year, we traveled to meet with them and to see the place chosen for the weekend:  the National University of Tucumán Residence, a very beautiful place at the foot of the hill with a beautiful view of the city.

Margarita and Alcides González, Paty and Lucho González from Paraguay, Analía and René Zampar, Pelu and Cesar López, from Resistencia (Argentina) joined the Internal Team. The External Team from Paraguay was Rossana and Juanjo Viré, Mirtha and Edilberto Rivarola Rossana, Juanjo Viré, and Mirtha and Edilberto Rivarola, Alicia and Raúl Monti, and Alfredo and Flori De Carlo from Corrientes. On 31 August, we departed as a caravan from Tucumán to San Miguel.

In all these comings and goings, visits and preparations, it is interesting to mention the distances involved between the areas mentioned. It is 340 km. (211mi.) from Asunción to Corrientes (Resistencia is first, Río Paraná is between), and it is 800 km. (497mi.) further to Tucumán.

30 couples experience the “miracle of love”

We are happy and grateful to our good and kind Father and our beloved Queen and Mother for making us their instruments.  On 2-4 September, during the First Tucumán Forta, we witnessed how thirty couples experienced the “miracle of love” by renewing their marriage vows.

We are sure that this gift was already a part of wonderful project thought by God for each one of them. This is why love united them and consecrated them sacramentally in marriage for their entire life.

Of the thirty participating couples, one belongs to the Family from Salta, two are from Mar del Plata and two from La Plata are interested in taking Forta to their cities.

We are profoundly grateful to the family from Tucumán for the love and warm welcome that they offered us during our stay.

Original:  Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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