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Only she

PARAGUAY, Mother of Tupãrenda House, Ana María Acha •

In the photos of the blessing of Mother of Tupãrenda House, Ana María Acha, president of FundaProva (Foundation of the promotion of values and the prevention of violence) is shown with one of the cabbages from the organic garden in her hands. “It seems that you had to touch it to believe that what you experienced on 22 August was real,” I told her – and as a response she sent this testimony of the “prelude” to the blessing, an unforgettable experience that forms a part of the wonderful history of Mother of Tupãrenda House.


It was the first semester of 2015, when the Justice Ministry signed an agreement to send us money needed for Mother of Tupãrenda House’s construction as well as financing for two months of operation.

From the moment that the minister, Fr. Pedro Kühlcke, as president and chairperson of the Foundation, and I signed, we anxiously waited for the transfer of funds.


In the interim, we fulfilled all the requirements demanded of us, which were many and always urgent. Among other things, they indicated that we should establish a current account at a local bank, and we did so.

The days, weeks, and months passed without the deposit, and it was already the beginning of December 2015. We were informed that the Treasury Department could not make the deposit as there were several budget item accounts in the National General Budget that were a priority, and that were more urgent than our project.

In fact, the bank suggested that I close the active bank account, since they had made an exception for us by not demanding the fulfillment of several conditions for Foundations by the secretary against money laundering.

Thus, with great sorrow, we asked that the account be closed, and for a refund of the amount with which we had opened it. Then there was a long silence.

We thought we should pray more, and that is was the Blessed Mother’s will, which was hard to understand, but that was the reality.


Blessing 22 August 2016

An urgent call

We had planned a family vacation on 14 January of this year, and when we about to leave the house to the airport, with bags packed, my daughter-in-law, who is also a volunteer of the Foundation, called to say that the Justice Ministry Finance Director wanted to speak urgently with me.

When I called him, he told me in an agitated voice that at that moment he would transfer the total amount of the funds (approximately 170,000 dollars) to our active bank account. I told him that was not possible, since we had closed it. He repeated that in this case the amount would be lost since it was a budget item in the 2015 budget! I called Fr. Pedro so he could seek a bank to open an account. Then the Ministry clarified that it could not be another account, but instead, the one we had provided to them.

The money is in

Already in the car, I called the bank, where we had the account, to speak with the general manger…neither he nor our account officer were in, neither was the area’s assistant manager. All of them were on vacation! I asked who made the important decisions, and they gave me a name. I knew him since we had offered professional service to this entity.

Speaking with this person, I explained what was happening and how important it was to receive this money while I begged him to re-open the account. Response: “I do not have a document to do it.” I responded: “I know, but Fr. Pedro Kühlcke will call you shortly, and he can provide what you need, moreover, everything will still be in the bank, it is only that the officer is on vacation.”

Already seated on the plane they called to advise me that money had arrived at the bank and was already deposited without any document!

Still feeling rushed, I leaned on the seat and thought: “Only she…”

I understood that the Blessed Mother told me: “This is my work, do not worry, I will make things happen.”

You do your part, I will do the rest.

Nothing without you, nothing without me…

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Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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