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First Marriage Strengthening with Schoenstatt in the USA

By Rodolfo and María Emma Páez •

Thursday, August 4, 2016, was the beginning of an adventure in which a group of volunteer  couples from Monterrey and Guadalajara (México), Austin and Dallas (Texas, USA) participated.  With a great deal of enthusiasm, we went to Confidentia Shrine in Lamar, Texas to prepare what was necessary for the first Marriage Strengthening with Schoenstatt in the USA .

After almost a year of preparation, with great contributions to the Treasury of Grace from many communities around the world, and especially with the support from God and Blessed Mother, we were able to initiate Marriage Strengthening with Schoenstatt.

This retreat for married couples began in Querétaro, México thirty-one years ago and has spread to Italy, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile and now for the first time to the USA.  On September 9th, it will also begin in Germany.

Interesting coincidences?

On Friday morning, we had the blessing of meeting with Sister Margret Gruending, one of the initiators of Marriage Strengthening with Schoenstatt in Mexico.  She now lives in the Sisters’ house in Lamar.  An interesting fact which she related to us is that in the first Marriage Strengthening with Schoenstatt, the number of participating couples was ten, curiously the same number of participants for this first attempt taking place in the USA.

Hand in hand with the advisors, Fr. Patricio Rodríguez, Fr. Bryan Cunningham, Fr. Raimundo Costa, Sr. M. Gloria Mauricio, and Schoenstatt seminarian, Christian Sánchez, on Friday afternoon we lovingly and joyfully welcomed each of the participating couples, and especially leaders of the Movement in Texas.

An enriching weekend encounter

We began a weekend, where each married couple was renewed through an awareness of the qualities they fell in love with in one another, achieving a deepening and a valuing of the marital relationship and the graces received through the sacrament of matrimony.

However in spite of the differences of culture and language, we are certain that the objective of the Marriage Strengthening with Schoenstatt was achieved since the assistant married couples lived a weekend of re-encounter.

We hope to God that the seed sown this summer continues to be fruitful and spreads throughout this beautiful country, so that a greater number of couples renew and re-value their love daily.



Original Spanish: Translation: Carlos Cantú, La Feria, Texas USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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