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Joseph Kentenich School’s students support refugees in Germany and children in Colombia

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The guests of the Lenten Action at the Joseph Kentenich School, at Kempten-Leubas, were surprised at the incredible commitment of the students.  They voluntarily accepted selling tickets for food and drinks as well as delivering cakes.  Some students offered the visitors interesting guided tours for adults and little ones, and some school games.  “I am very impressed with the students.  It is evident they are very happy at this school and that they joyfully commit themselves.  They behaved very well at this event, despite being watched by their parents or their teachers,” a parent said. He had just registered his son for the next course.

Manuel (an assumed name), a fourth-grade, Colombian student, confidently presented a speech about his country to the Lenten Action guests.  Along with this mother, he presented Colombia’s needs and the assistance projects provided by the Schumuckl Association that this family knew in their country.  The Schuhmacher Family from Spaichingen founded this non-profit association.  Through its endeavors, they want to help mitigate the needs that exist in the country, and stay in contact with their adoptive son’s country of origin.

The students’ parents provided food, cakes, homemade crepes, etc. in addition to different activities (face painting and handicrafts) for the children.  This resulted in a net profit of 600€ for this non- profit organization.


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Support for Syrian refugees

Recently, Syrian families were welcomed at Leubas.  A six year old, Muslim girl attended public school in September.  This girl attends the “Creative Design” workshop each week at the Kentenich School, to have contact with German children, to learn the language, and to prepare for school.  She has already made friends, and she happily attends the handicraft workshop.  The school principal, Harald Knes, visited her and gave her a notebook and a book to learn German.  The books were gladly accepted in the Syrian community.  Adults also learn German with these books (with the help of volunteers).

The Syrian families were also invited for a meal at Lenten Action:  twelve people happily accepted the invitation.  The Syrian children enjoyed the contact with the German children, and they were very happy making handicrafts.


New students

Meanwhile, registration results are very good.  There are still a couple of openings for students transferring from other schools. They are expecting the next first grade classes will be filled with twenty students.

Kindergartens and child psychologists are recommending the Joseph Kentenich School more frequently.

Recently, a student, with extreme school phobia, successfully integrated.  For several months, the little girl (in third grade) was denied admission at a public school. The parents and psychologist were disconcerted.  It was recommended that she be hospitalized in a children’s psychiatric unit.  The parents refused, and they went to the Joseph Kentenich School desperately asking for support and admission for the little girl.  In a few weeks, she was integrated within the family atmosphere of the Joseph Kentenich School, through the commitment of the secretary, Mrs. Kibler, an important resource person, who the students affectionately call “second mother,” a team of understanding teachers and the support of the school psychologist.


Teachers needed!

Teachers are urgently needed for the next course.  At this time, there is a shortage of teachers in Germany, which also affects the elementary school.  The market for teachers is depleted.  Meanwhile, teachers from other kinds of schools or teachers in training are hired, and even this is not enough to cover the openings. They gladly employ teachers from Austria and Switzerland.

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Original:  Germany.  Translation:  Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited by: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA


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