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Dequení’s Solidarity Race: businesses in solidarity

PARAGUAY, Dequení •

The Dequení Foundation held its fourth annual Carrera de la Solidaridad [Solidarity Race] with the motto, Education is our goal, to obtain funds to provide physical education for children in open areas at the Ypané, J. Augusto Saldívar, Luque and Caácupé projects. Through this activity they also seek to promote sports, an activity that instills values such as friendship, effort and perseverance in the children, which will be useful to them in the future. Moreover it is an enjoyable way to learn, and it makes the little ones happy.

The event took place on Rakiura Resort Day with 80 businesses and 3,000 runners, who competed among themselves as a team, participating. At the same time, they collaborated by establishing the need for a better and larger investment in the public agenda in addition to contributing to the objective already mentioned.


1,000 pairs of sport’s shoes, 100 balls, and abundant joy

Dequení currently accompanies more than 7,000 children with their programs, offering them recreational and sports areas in their schools as well as other services. These areas enable a process of change in the children that decreases violent tendencies and encourages the practice of discipline and sports.

Thanks to this event of solidarity, 1,000 pairs of sport’s shoes, 100 balls, 10 soccer nets, 500 hours of sports and recreation will be distributed, which will complement the recreational and sports areas during the year.

layerContinue to run to help the children

Dr. Juan Bautista Fiorio, representing the Governing Board, also thanked the businesses for their support “because with solidarity we are growing, and we continue to run to help the children.”

For her part, Andreza Qrtigoza, Executive Director, expressed: “We have come to thank you for running in a family atmosphere, for sharing the joy, challenges, difficulties, and preparation time for this day. We thank the Paraguayan Industrial Union during the week of industry for supporting education. We have carried out relays, where every business assumed their preparation and commitment to education.

Today we invite businesses and their representatives to deliver this relay to the children for whom we are running. They are learning to be citizens in their schools, homes, communities, this encourages and urges us to run every day and you demonstrated it to the children. They represent the more than 7,000 children that Dequení serves.

The key is to improve education in Paraguay to reduce the conditions of family poverty.

Dequení needs the solidarity of all the people and organizations that want to join this cause. There are several ways to contribute: scholarships of solidarity; sponsoring a child; volunteering and dissemination in businesses, parishes, schools, or in the Schoenstatt Movement in different countries. We do it for the children, together, in solidarity.


Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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