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We could see Mary in each person who opened the door of their home to us

URUGUAY, Totus Tuus Mission •

The Totus Tuus is the mission organized by the Schoenstatt Youth of Uruguay with 4th, 5th and 6th graders missionaries. In this 2021 year, it took place from Octobre 29th to 31st in Casabó (a neighborhood of Montevideo), with a total of 100 people. —

Facundo Micheloni was invited by his brother; here he shares his experience:

I came to Schoenstatt last year because my brother invited me. However, I did not know if it was really worth it to miss a whole weekend to go on a mission trip, but it totally changed my way of living my faith.

With Totus Tuus 2021 being my second experience in the Movement, my expectations were already high, but they were totally exceeded again.

Mission for me is living faith through service and encounter. During this mission I was able to see God in every laugh, every cry and every gesture, since his presence was truly felt in every missionary, every organizer, every child and every person in the neighborhood. Mary was seen in each person who opened the door of her house and welcomed us with great warmth.

I was always told that from a mission, the one who gets more of the mission is oneself, and in this mission I was able to find the meaning of a lot of words that seemed to be put together because they sounded good. In this mission I met people brave enough to share their testimonies of pain and suffering, however, they relied on God to overcome any problem.

They are simply examples to follow in faith that will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thanks to this, I was able to understand this phrase, because I truly got more of the mission, I left full of God, full of Mary and simply with the desire to continue living that faith that made me so happy during those days. By living the faith in community, not only was I able to generate new friendships in the faith, but I was also able to strengthen those that I already had, and I was able to see Mary present in the disposition of each one and the enthusiasm in giving oneself to her during the sending forth and in the mission in general.

It is difficult for me to put in to words what I experienced during this mission.

Simply unforgettable!

I am still on mission today, living the faith not only for myself, but for those around me

Mia Gattás shares:

Everything was very fast, Tato (my brother) forwarded me through Instagram the photo of the registrations, I signed up at once and late. I didn’t even have time to pass it to a friend to go. I did not think twice, going alone at any time did not affect me, there was always something inside me that encouraged me to go with all the desire and expectations possible. Later I realized that this something was Mary.

When I missioned surrounded by people who transmitted Mary to me in a thousand ways, something changed me. I was able to encounter Jesus and the Blessed Mother and give my hands so that they could act in me.

Schoenstatt, if I was asked what it was before the mission, I did not know what to answer, I knew it from above because my uncles, my cousin and my brother were part of it, but at no time did I begin to investigate what it was about. I always had the intrigue, curiosity and desire to know and experience it. When I went, I felt part of a family to which everyone belonged. They wanted to see God through Mary and be her instrument so that others could see God. That is what caught my attention and made me tune in.

While on mission, I saw Mary in every moment, in the missionaries themselves and in the people who lived there. It was impressive how people opened up to us and told us part of their lives without knowing us. They opened themselves to us because they saw something in us that made them trust us. That something was Mary, we were being instruments of God and we knew it, that was exactly the reason why we kept on ringing the doorbell in every house even though we knew they might not be interested in us.

As soon as I returned from the mission I realized two things: first, that I had gone on mission and had returned missioned and, second, that the mission had not ended there, but had just begun. Today I am still on mission, living the faith not only for myself, but for those around me. This is not enough to tell all that I have lived in this mission of Totus Tuus 2021.

Source: www.schoenstatt.org.uy, with permission of the editors


Original: Spanish 2021-11-17. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México


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